What is a pokie player’s favourite drink?

We asked over thirty pokie players – some in real life casinos, and some who play at home online - a whole lot of different questions, one of which was what their favourite drink while playing the pokies is. Here are some of their responses:

“I usually just drink beer. I don’t really play the pokies online, just when I’m down at the pub with my mates having a few drinks and a laugh. And one time I decided to have a few bourbon and cokes and play some pokies. Well, I got really drunk and woke up the next morning with no money – and a fair whack had been taken out of my account too. I’m not usually one for rules, but that was a really nasty shock and I decided to stick to the beer if I’m playing the pokies and if I feel like something stronger, I leave the pokies room and just hang out with my mates and drink there.” – Glen, 36

“Well my preferred drink is either champagne or vodka and cranberry, and so I normally drink one of those, whether I’m playing the pokies or not. I only play them occasionally anyway, normally one of the girlfriends I’m at the bar with will play together a little bit, just for fun, we usually don’t win much but we never lose that much either and we have a laugh. We’re usually only in the gaming room for twenty minutes or so before we go and rejoin everyone else.” – Amanda, 24

“Every now and again I like to sit down at night in front of my computer with a glass of red wine, or sometimes a Baileys and ice, and play the online pokies for half an hour or so. Sometimes I play poker online which I do like a lot, but I don’t usually have the time. Even just playing the pokies for half an hour is such a fun and easy way to unwind after a long day - and make some money sometimes, which is always nice! “ – Susan, 43

“I play the pokies online pretty regularly, about 4 times a week and I like a gin and tonic. I used to go to the casino or to the local pub and play the pokies there but I’m getting old and it was sometimes a bit of a hassle to venture out into the weather and go down to the pub. My grandson showed me all these online pokies you can play and I love them! I still go down to the pub sometimes, or even to the casino once in a while, but I find I win more when I play online and I get to relax at home and don’t have to buy expensive drinks. So I just mix my own gin and tonic and sit down at the computer. My grandson’s quite impressed with me, he says I’ve caught on very quickly!” – June, 72