What is a Pokie Bot?

This article is definitely not endorsing the use of pokie bots in any way, shape or form. This article is for informative purposes only that identifies different pokie bot types. The choice to use one or not is a personal decision. No real bots that are currently in use will be identified in this article.

Pokie bots are simply an imitative “robotic” computer software program that monitors an online pokie site that analyses for possible results or plays the game for its owner. These player bots allow their users the advantage to competitively cheat in online games and do not guarantee that users will win all of the time. The disadvantage is that these bots are strictly illegal to use. Best not use these to avoid the temptation of being caught.

Online casinos are starting to use a version of anti-bots that identify bots in use on a player’s computer only while it is hooked up to the Internet. These anti-bots do not download to invade a computer’s hard drive to identify and disable a bot. It will only do that while a computer is online. Police bots are another name used to refer to these anti-bot programs.

There are several different types of bots utilised by pokie game players. The highly illegal self-playing bots are most commonly found in smaller pokie cyber casinos to avoid detection. These bots allow their owners to be completely absent while the bot takes over and plays tournaments against opponents. Pokie games have been discovered where it is only bots playing against other bots instead of humans managing their own cards.

Break-Even bots have sophisticated programs operating them that prevent them from losing any online poker game. These self-playing bots are the most easy to detect since the user has a high winning rate pattern recognised by police bots. Chronically using Break Even bots is a great way for illegal activity to be discovered.
The so-called Bonus Bot is a dual purpose critter actively seeking out games that offer sign-up bonuses. They will log and notify their user of the existence of these bonuses. More complicated bonus bots automatically register their owner and then begin to play the games. The advantage of bonus bots is that owners not only sign up for the bonus but get to win the same game using their this bot.

Decision brain bots are also referred to as “OPIs” or online poker inspectors. These first generation pokie bots possess limited decision making capabilities to giver users an active edge in poker games. OPIs are not often in use as more complicated bots have been developed since their inception. It is strongly advised not to manipulate any pokie game using anyone of these bots. The decision is up to the individual.