Web-Based vs Download-Based Online Casinos

Once upon a time, the internet was a complete one-way street. You could find photos and information … but only from the very few companies that saw value in making it available online. Back then, online gaming wasn’t even really considered. At the birth of online casino gaming, download-style casinos, where you install the software on your computer and play with an internet connection, was the only option. As Flash programming and capabilities developed, Flash-based online casinos became popular. However, are flash-based casinos better because they are newer? Or are the features and flexibility of a download-based online casino always the way to go? We balance the benefits of both colours of argument today.

Online Casino Play Experience

There is little doubt that download-based online casinos offer a better experience overall. You’ll get:

  • More games to play
  • Higher definition graphics
  • More animation with improved smoothness
  • More options for personalisation

Simply because richer and more complex functions can be programmed into software than can be loaded onto a web page hosted on a server. A scaled-back Flash version allows the casino to keep their bandwidth usage down.


Software run from your local machine is far more reliable than Flash games hosted on a server. Considering that you’ll be playing with real money in the online casino, I consider reliability one of the prime considerations in my choice of play interface!

Bandwidth Usage for Online Casinos

You’ll find many conflicting reports about which type of online casino uses more bandwidth. In fact, your bandwidth consumption depends on the casino itself and the type of games you are playing.

However, in both types of casinos the bandwidth consumption is minimal compared to a couple of hours flicking through high definition Youtube videos, downloading music or downloading podcasts.

Time to Setup

Obviously, download-based online casinos take a bit of extra time to download, install and set up the software.

In reality, though, this extra time is minimal. The software footprint should be extremely small, and the time negligible compared to the potential delays due to internet connection problems with flash based casinos.

You should also consider that in general, it makes sense to keep playing most often with a single casino, in order to take advantage of bonuses for loyal players and to ensure you know the rules and requirements of your online casino.

Computer Security

Viruses are just as easily spread through infected web pages as through infected downloads. You should have an excellent firewall, real-time notifications for untrusted pages and be in the habit of scanning every application you download before you execute it, as a matter of good computer practice. Each type of casino is as secure as the other.

Accessibility of Different Online Casino Types

Of course, if you often play from more than one computer, it may be wiser to use the Flash-based online casino to avoid having to download and install your software on multiple machines. This is also true if you use a shared computer, a public computer, or a work computer.

Both types of online casinos are plenty of fun to play, but it seems that download based is best for most players.