Tips for responsible gaming

There’s an increasing awareness of problem gambling, and our site has a number of pages regarding responsible gambling, and how to recognise and what to do about a potential gambling problem. Dealing with a gambling problem after it has become a problem is very difficult. The best way is to gamble safely, responsibly and sensibly from the outset. This means gambling remains fun and enjoyable, and doesn’t turn into a nightmare for you and your family. Here are some tips for gambling safely. Read through them, and keep them as a reference point to check every now and again.

Do it Legally
The first thing when gambling responsibly is to make sure you are doing it legally. Make sure that the state that you are in allows gambling, and be aware of the laws for whatever type of gambling you are participating in.
Set a Limit
Before you even begin gambling be sure to set yourself a limit. An easy way to do this is to bring cash only. Do not use any debit or credit cards to get more money, and stick to the amount of cash you have set aside.
Don’t Drink
Gambling while drinking is a very bad idea. Drinking can cause you to become less rational and to make bad decisions. You don’t want to wake up the next day with a hang over and empty pockets.
Get Out
A great way to be a responsible gambler is to “quit while you’re ahead”. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop all together, but when you are running hot, step away for a while. Be aware that there are no such things as “winning streaks.” If you’re ahead, it’s against the odds – and the odds will even out eventually. Also make sure you set aside what you have won and go back to using the original cash.
Use Friends
If you are gambling with friends, make sure you hold each other accountable. Don’t let anyone you are friends with go too far, and make sure you have someone looking out for you as well.