The 10 Commandments of Online Pokies!

Some of us naturally play by these unwritten rules of the online pokies world. Sometimes the rules seem obvious to us, depending on our earlier frames of reference – sometimes you need a bit of experience in the gambling world to see the sense in some of these 10 commandments of online pokies. For future reference – here they are!

The First Online Pokies Commandment:
You will set a limit before you play
Online pokies are fun – but not when they’re ruling your life. Make sure they remain fun by setting a play limit before you start. Transfer only what you can afford to lose into your online casino account.

The Second Online Pokies Commandment:
You will stick to your limit
To help you stick to your limit, you need to keep your ‘ordinary’ money as distantly separated from your ‘play’ money as possible.

The Third Online Pokies Commandment:
You will ignore your hunches
Hunches might be sometimes valid when working with other people – we’ve learned to interpret subtle signals in people’s voice, posture, conversation etc. When it comes to online pokies or casinos, there are no signals to interpret. That ‘Spin’ button has no personality or intellect. And when your hunches are confirmed, just remember that pure chance will do that for you every once in a while – and remember all the times your hunches were wrong!

The Fourth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will expect losses
Online casinos exist because the people who play in them, on average, lose money. Big wins are more common than in land-based casinos, where the house edge must be set higher to cover overheads. But there is no person in the world who makes a good living from gambling – enjoy playing for the thrill of the game!

The Fifth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will not cheat
It’s very tempting to try to think up ways to cheat the system, especially with big, rich online casinos. But remember, you will be caught and you will only make play harder for all the honest online pokies players.

The Sixth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will not hedge your bets
Hedge bets carry an even higher than usual house edge. Insurance in blackjack? Consistent loser. Same with most other online casino games.

The Seventh Online Pokies Commandment:
Nor shall you take side bets
Side bets are the same – very low chance of winning. Doubles bets in blackjack? Also a consistent loser.

The Eighth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will seek out the best rules for the best chance of winning
It’s the rules of a casino (both the game rules and the overall rules) that make playing there worthwhile.

The Ninth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will treat others the way you wish to be treated
The basis of all social life also applies to online pokies and gambling. When dealing with other real people, treat them the same way you’d want to be treated.

The Tenth Online Pokies Commandment:
You will ignore all betting systems
They all sound good in theory. They all have very serious problems in real life. Don’t bother following any system apart from the one that works best for you, and definitely never pay anybody on the internet who ‘guarantees’ to win you money.