Pokies vs Video Poker

Gamblers who like to play online machines are often confronted by the choice between Pokies and video poker. There is an old debate between proponents of the two as to whether one can be deemed superior, and if so, which one? There are key distinctions and differences between the two, with some of the being being simple aesthetic matters of taste, but some being more important differences in pay outs. Pokies are programmed to pay out a percentage of all money deposited. Video poker, on the other hand, pays according to hands drawn, just like a real poker game. Therein lies an important difference between the two, and serious players will often make a choice based on that difference.Video Poker

Pokies and video poker machines at live casinos are similar in appearance. They are both coin-operated games that a player sits at and operates with push buttons or a lever and the hopper pays out winnings in coins though newer machines print winnings on a ticket instead of paying out cash. The appeal of the games is that they allow a player to play and gamble without a dealer and without other players around, this is optimal for people who prefer autonomy.

Both games operate off of a random number generator (RNG). This is a microprocessor much like the one in your home PC. The RNG is connected inside the game, and it runs continuously to generate play results. The RNG is in constant motion while the machine is connected to power. The RNG draws thousands of random numbers per second, and the numbers are translated into symbols on pokies or cards from the deck on video poker. In fact, RNGs used in gambling machines do not always produce true random results. Because of this they are often more termed pseudo-random number generators. Regardless of this imperfect nature, however, RNGs are the brains behind gambling machines such as pokies and video poker, and the results are close enough to random to be indisputable.

Pokies and video poker games are available online, though online the play button is normally the mouse and payouts are recorded in the player’s online account rather than being spit out at the player in coins or on a ticket. Play is started differently between the two, as normally to play video poker online will require the player to download software from the casino, whereas online pokies can be are played directly on the casino’s website (not lways the case but it can be done). That may actually discourage some players from attempting online video poker, as downloading software may be undesirable or even impossible.

The debate between video poker proponents and those in favor of pokies rages on. For casual players who aren’t really determined to beat the odds but who are more just seeking entertainment, generally pokies will be preferred. There is no strategy required or even usable at pokies (though some will dispute this), and all one needs do to keep the game in play is to continue to drop in coins or credits and spin the reels. For any who seek to gain an edge however, and who may be willing to devote time and money to improving play, then video poker will likely be seen as the way to go. Poker is a game of skill, and even though video poker is generally only five card draw, the more one knows about poker hands and the poker deck, and the more skilled one becomes, it will become more likley that you will win.

Here is a video (done by an american, sorry…) about video poker strategy, it is very long but informative: