Pokies Versus Other Gambling Games

With so many different types of casino games available, why play pokies? Better yet, are there any clear benefits to playing pokies over another game? This is a common question from most gamers at one point or another, and it’s a logical one.Blackjack Table

In any given situation, gamblers are out to make money and have fun. Asking these sorts of questions and assessing odds is what makes winners. A skilled gambler should never blindly bet on anything until he has a full understanding of the odds of the game. Why waste money on a game with poor odds when others will pay out more?

Let’s understand the differences between pokies and other major casino games.

Pokies vs Blackjack

It is true that pokies will lose out to blackjack in terms of house edge, but blackjack is a game of skill. While blackjack jackpots rarely ever climb over $3,000 dollars, pokies have much larger progressive payouts overall.

Pokies vs Craps

With high minimum bets, craps is usually a bit unapproachable for players new to casinos. In general it’s a good idea for most players to stick with pokies. Craps is designed in a way that encourages players to make impulsive bets, which is never a good practice in gambling. Since humans by nature simply cast the die of fate just to see the results, most people are better off not trying to get into craps if they’d like to keep their wallet.

Pokies vs Video Pokervideo poker

Interestingly enough, video poker is sometimes tilted in favor of the player over the house. Pokies are generally much more interesting sights, as they sport brighter colors and decorative elements. Video poker isn’t a bad way to go for new gamblers, so long as they have an elementary understanding of the game.

baccarat tablePokies vs Baccarat

Baccarat is generally uninteresting for most casino players. While the movies try and make this simple game look classy, it rarely lasts more than few hands for most people. The game is simple, as the only thing that players really do is take even money minus 5% and make continual bets on the banker. It is a fast game, but it might also put you fast asleep.

Pokies vs Pokiesonline pokies

This one is always a hard choice! Pokies have great prizes and players can quickly play a quick hundred bets. This is why pokies remain extremely popular in casinos all across the world. It’s probably the best game for the majority of gamblers.