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Among Australians and around the world, pokies are one of the most popular forms of online gambling. It is easy to see why: Online pokies are diverse, fast and exciting, and they demand very little commitment in terms of time and money. In other words, online pokies are a great option for gambling in short bursts. Online pokies are also a game of chance, and some would tell you that the game is completely devoid of skill. However, this is not entirely the case, and in this guide, we will examine some of the elite tips for putting yourself in the best position to win and win big.

Recognize Your Limits

The big mistake gamblers make is that they gamble without a plan and overextend. Instead, create a budget, and maintain a journal. The advantage is that you will know how much you are winning or losing and when it is occurring. Eventually, you will be able to account for your strengths and weaknesses, which will make you a better player.Helpful Pokies Tip

Focus Your Bankroll

Another common mistake gamblers make is that they spread their bankroll out between multiple online casinos. The only time you should do this is in the early stages of the process when you are sampling casinos in order to find the right one. Once you find it, it then behoves you long-term to give that online casino your business exclusively.

Maximize Your Bankroll with Reload Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Deposit bonuses and loyalty programs are the reasons why bankroll focus is so lucrative. In fact, it is quite common for loyal pokies players to earn as much as 50% back on every dollar they gamble. This is big money, so it is vital to find the casino with the most lucrative bonus structure, and then commit every dollar of your bankroll to them.

Know Your Machine: Payout Percentages and Frequencies

The payout percentage indicates the money amount returned to the players through winnings over the long-term. The payout or hit frequency, on the other hand, indicates the chance of getting a payout of any size on any spin. There is no relationship between the two numbers, and percentage is the far more important of the two values.

Know Your Machine: Progressives and Bonuses

The most important factors in choosing a machine should be payout percentage and odds, but if all else is equal, bonuses can be the deciding factor. The odds are generally not good, but it is essentially more free money. Progressive can also be a great opportunity. The problem is that odds fluctuate based on the potential payout.

Calculate Pokies Odds

Most casinos, online and on land, post odds and other relevant information, but it is often important to know how to make these calculations yourself on the fly, such as in the case of progressive machines. Learn how to do the math, or use a pokies calculator. The math is likely a lot easier than you expect, and you can often do it in your head.

Play the Maximum Coin Size

Pokies always pay out best on the maximum bet. The max bet seems counterintuitive to many new players. Instead, they prefer to bet small amounts, the idea being that the more often they bet, the greater chance they have to win. However, this is not mathematically sound, and you can verify this yourself once you can calculate the odds.

Play the Maximum Payline

Do not assume that multiple payline pokies are better bets. They can be, but often this is not the case. The odds on these machines can be tricky, so pay attention. As a rule of thumb, you generally want to play more paylines rather than increase the per line bet size at the cost of paylines. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule.

Use the Autospin Feature to Your Advantage

Efficient use of time is nearly as important as efficient use of your bankroll. The best way to manage your time is to use the autospin feature. Autospin allows you to set parameters on a machine, and then it continues to spin as long as the machine meets certain conditions. It might stop when you win a certain amount or when the odds change.

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