Hints and Tips

Depending on your preference for Flash- or download-based casinos, and the amount of time you spend on online gambling, bandwidth may be a serious issue for you. And who needs to spend money on connecting to the internet when that cash could be in the forms of chips on the blackjack table, waiting to win [...]

If you get enough practice, and have enough skill, there are ways that you can almost 'cheat' at some table games. Past posting , hand mucking, collusion with other players or with the dealer ... if a real-life casino catches you, your winnings will be forfeit. However, not many people consider cheating at pokies! All [...]

There are literally thousands of online casinos. Some of them have managed to build a solid reputation through many years of fair dealing with customers. Others pop up overnight and go away just as rapidly ... sometimes without fulfilling their obligations to players. Fortunately, online gaming is exceptionally well-regulated and the vast majority of online [...]

It sounds too good to be true ... a free $20, $50, $100 or even $1000 to play with at an online casino. I know that Crown, Lassiters and Adelaide Casino have never offered me that much money simply for walking in the door! But, you know what they say about things that sound too [...]

Once upon a time, the internet was a complete one-way street. You could find photos and information ... but only from the very few companies that saw value in making it available online. Back then, online gaming wasn't even really considered. At the birth of online casino gaming, download-style casinos, where you install the software [...]

Have you ever got up from your desk chair after playing online pokies for a while and felt like you'd carried a house up a mountain? Your back aches, your eyes ache, your mouse arm aches, your legs have pins and needles and your brain feels as if it has been coated in wax. It [...]

As with many issues in life, you can divide pokies-players into two groups. There are those who are dedicated to their favourite chair at the local sports bar, and those who like to play from the comfort of their own homes. One group generally can't understand how the other can stand to play a particular [...]

In an age where computers can crack codes, perform surgeries, solve more complex algorithms than humans could ever dream up, and replace thousands of man hours, we have to be not only thankful ... but cautious of their powers! We are often asked about how to know whether a particular online casino will play fair. [...]

In life, it generally pays to be at least a little sceptical of just about everything you hear. Keep a little salt shaker in your pocket, and remember to take a grain with every new piece of information you come across! In the world of online pokies, as with many other fields of information, there [...]

It has been many years now since I have heard anyone having a bad experience playing pokies online. Though back in 2012 there were a few shady casinos taking advantage of people the stories since then have been few and far between. So the short answer to the question "are they safe" is a resounding [...]