Hints and Tips

We've covered the myths and misunderstandings that players at online casinos hold extensively. You would think that there were no other crazy myths or simple misunderstandings left … that people couldn't possibly be so misguided. But wait, there's more! Today we check out some extra myths about online casinos, and indeed, about gambling and casino [...]

eCOGRA is the e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance body. While they are best known for their auditing and publication of payout percentages for online pokies as well as online casino table games, they also set a range of other standards for their eCOGRA seal-holders. The body sets a range of regulations that help casinos [...]

Pokies have never really been considered a social pastime, apart from the occasional group who go to the casino for a day out or night out. The vast majority of people playing poker machines do so alone. Combine this solitary pastime with the internet, and it seems online pokies play must exist in a virtual [...]

We recently tried to map out some of the online pokies terrain for new players, alerting you to some of the quirks of playing in online casinos as a lifestyle. Today we continue the list – there were too many important facts to fit into one post! Go forth and gain your experience – but [...]

If your Spam folder looks like those of most internet users the world over, there are a few messages about ‘male enlargement’ sitting atop some Nigerian princesses and next to outsourcing companies in India which can make you $385 per day. Scattered amongst those is a healthy smattering of offers to buy antidepressant pills over [...]

There's something to be said for the value of gaining experience in any field … online pokies included! Experience allows you to see potential problems before they occur, plan to solve them and either jump the hurdle or neatly sidestep it! Nothing can really replace experience for you. Yet we see sad cases of cash [...]

Everyone likes to think that they have figured out a way to play the game of probability and chance so that they'll come out on top most of the time. Roulette is often the focus of these strategies, and despite the fact that more cash goes to the house on roulette than many other games [...]

Some of us naturally play by these unwritten rules of the online pokies world. Sometimes the rules seem obvious to us, depending on our earlier frames of reference – sometimes you need a bit of experience in the gambling world to see the sense in some of these 10 commandments of online pokies. For future [...]

Neteller is an online payment processor which is almost universally accepted and used in the online casino world, yet relatively unknown outside of it. Like many online casino websites, Neteller headquarters are in a very small jurisdiction - the Isle of Man. This both protects it from the restrictive laws about online gambling which are [...]

POLi is one of less well-known methods of online payments. It is mandatory if you fly with Jetstar and don’t have a credit card – but most online stores tend to stay away from the bulky payment method which requires a login to your usual internet banking site. However, online casinos are usually one of [...]