Online Pokies vs Pub Pokies: What You Should Know

As with many issues in life, you can divide pokies-players into two groups. There are those who are dedicated to their favourite chair at the local sports bar, and those who like to play from the comfort of their own homes. One group generally can’t understand how the other can stand to play a particular way … but in reality, there are some fantastic things about both approaches! Today we pitch the left mouse button and credit card against the cup full of dollar coins and the glowing squares … to balance the odds of pub pokies against online pokies.

Online Pokies Are Great For … Value for Money!
You can see the independently verified payout percentages of a huge number of online pokies venues through the eCOGRA payout review service. Check the site’s eCOGRA certificate and you’ll often find that online pokies payout around 95-98% of what they take in.

In contrast, pub pokies pay out around 87% of what they take in. Online pokies are a lot easier to leave … all you have to do is click a little red button, so they work a lot harder to keep you playing. They also have MUCH lower overheads for their operation, so a 98% payout rate is still profitable.

And remember that when you don’t have to pay for petrol, drinks or dinner to play pokies, there is more cash left over to win with.

Online Pokies Are Great For … Refining Your Technique
Although pokies are played through random number generation, there are still some techniques and personal preferences involved. What level of win are you prepared to ‘Bet’ or ‘Gamble’? Do you like to play 20 lines, or 5 lines? Would you prefer to play $1 a line, or 1c per line? Online pokies can help you refine your playing style.

Online Pokies Are Great For … Living Clean
Pub pokies are often located in smoking and drinking areas … and if you have a sensitive nose, it can all be a bit much.

Pub Pokies Are Great For … Playing With Friends!
It is possible to put on your high heels, do your hair and makeup, or get gelled and suited up to play online pokies at home. But really, does anyone bother?! Pub pokies or real-life casino pokies are great for a night out with a group. Online pokies are far better for weeknight fun with a close friend, your spouse or a family member.

Pub Pokies Are Great For … Experimenting with Games
In the same way that online shopping and window shopping are fundamentally different, so are online pokies and the real ‘deal’.

With online pokies, we tend to pick a few favourite games and stick to them. The colours and symbols that might attract us in other games aren’t immediately visible, so it’s easier to go with what you know. When you go down and play at the pub, though, you’ll find yourself branching out much more!

Pub Pokies Are Great For … Instant Payouts
There’s no denying that the payout process with online pokies can be slow and painful! Most people don’t mind, as long as payout times match expectations.

Both Types of Pokies … Require Preparation
You might be able to play online pokies in your pajamas and without ‘your face on’, but it still requires some prep in the form of downloading the software, installing, updating, etc. Pub pokies don’t require you to install software, but you must be presentable!

Both Types of Pokies … Give Bonus Rewards
With pub pokies, you might get a free drink every now and then. With both pub and online pokies, there are all sorts of loyalty rewards to make use of. There are random bonuses available at both types of casinos.

There’s no reason to play one type of slots, either online pokies or pub pokies, all the time. They’re like our children - we love them both equally!