Online Pokies Tip File: Should I Deposit with POLi?

POLi is one of less well-known methods of online payments. It is mandatory if you fly with Jetstar and don’t have a credit card – but most online stores tend to stay away from the bulky payment method which requires a login to your usual internet banking site. However, online casinos are usually one of the first adopters of different payment methods – they want to make it easy for people to buy their ‘products’! Many online pokies providers and online casinos offer POLi as a payment option. Will it suit you? We take a look at POLi’s ins and outs today.

How Does POLi Work?
POLi stands for Pay On Line, plus the obligatory ‘I’ added to everything since the iPod became the product of the century! It is the simplest and easiest way to pay for your online pokies or online casino deposit directly from your bank account, without the intermediary steps of transferring to an eWallet.

The POLi web browser is a Windows-only application. If you use a Mac for playing online pokies, you’ll need to restart in Windows native mode using Boot Camp to use POLi as a payment method.

POLi Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Making a deposit to your POLi account is done exactly the same way as you complete any other bank deposit. Either:
  • Transfer money to your POLi-linked account using a netbanking facility
  • Deposit cash into it via a branch
  • Use PayPal as an intermediary to transfer cash into your account
  • Have your salary or wages direct credited into your account – though this is not recommended for your main account used for online casinos.

To put money into your online casino account using POLi, you simply need to select POLi as your payment method at any casino which supports it.

Is POLi Safe?
POLi is as safe as your own computer is. The security considerations for POLi differ from those of other popular casino payments services though, and you should remember that:

  • POLi is a direct link to your main internet banking facility – the one you probably use for all sorts of day-to-day transactions. You should be absolutely confident of your computer’s security systems and spyware protection before accessing your main bank accounts on it.
  • To improve your own computer security if you’ll often be depositing to online casino accounts with POLi, consider opening a single savings account with a bank separate to your main bank for gambling deposits.
  • Because your money remains within your own bank at all times, it is currently covered by the Commonwealth Financial Guarantee Scheme. There are no such guarantees for third party eWallets or payment processors like Neteller or PayPal.
  • POLi doesn’t share your internet banking details with either the online casino, or the POLi service itself. Additionally, the POLi information transfer processes used are among the most advanced – it is an inherently safe method.

POLi is a convenient and quick payment method to use with your online casino accounts, and is inherently very safe if you keep your computer security up to date and separate your gambling funds in another savings account.