More Crazy Online Casino Myths

We’ve covered the myths and misunderstandings that players at online casinos hold extensively. You would think that there were no other crazy myths or simple misunderstandings left … that people couldn’t possibly be so misguided. But wait, there’s more! Today we check out some extra myths about online casinos, and indeed, about gambling and casino play in general. Don’t be sucked in!

Online Casino Myth #1: Card counting is illegal
Casinos reserve the right to remove anyone from their premises that they believe is engaging in card counting. However, it isn’t illegal in any country where it is still legal to think. We’ll get back to you on how this applies in some communist countries…! Of course, in an online casino they will have little way of knowing whether you’re counting cards – but of course, the casino employs other strategies to offset the effects of card counting.

Online Casino Myth #2: In Blackjack, the dealer’s face-down card is probably a ten
Watch players scramble to put down money for ‘insurance’ when the dealer has a face-up ace in blackjack, and you’ll understand how widespread this myth is. Although it is more likely that the dealer has a ten than any other single number, there is actually greater probability that the card is something other than a ten. In a deck of cards there are 36 cards which are not ten, and only 16 which are. So keep your insurance money!

Online Casino Myth #3: Casino dealers are all rich
Actually, casino dealers probably struggle with their everyday finances just as much as you and me. Dealing is not a highly skilled job (though you must be of good character), so it is not highly paid. Remember that next time you feel animosity towards the person dealing your video blackjack at an online casino!

Online Casino Myth #4: Professional gamblers are all rich
Professional blackjack players and video poker players may sometimes be rich. However, you need an additional skill to overcome the house edge in games that are mostly determined by chance. In video poker, it might be the ability to read other players. In blackjack, it might be card counting. However, to become rich you also need an enormous bankroll to absorb the effects of runs of losses.

Online Casino Myth #5: All runs have a ‘shelf-life’
This variation of the “gambler’s fallacy” is where people playing online casino games, whether online pokies or video poker, believe that the last result has an effect on the upcoming result. Therefore, a ‘run’ of red in video roulette means that black is certain to come up soon. Actually, the odds of red versus black have always been the same!