Is There a Winning Online Roulette Strategy?

Everyone likes to think that they have figured out a way to play the game of probability and chance so that they’ll come out on top most of the time. Roulette is often the focus of these strategies, and despite the fact that more cash goes to the house on roulette than many other games (including online pokies), people are still in search of the holy grail! Many claim to have found it … they can’t all be wrong, can they? We check out some of these ‘winning online roulette strategies’ today!

Analysis of Roulette Wheel Mechanics

Gonzo Garcia Pelayo made himself over €600,000 in a single day and even had his winnings verified by the courts in Spain when he recorded all the results of a roulette wheel at a Spanish casino and analysed them to see which numbers were statistically more likely to come up.

Can you replicate this strategy to win big at online roulette? Probably not. The quirk of statistics occurs because of the mechanical performance of the roulette wheel and the dealer’s throw.

Making Friends With the Croupier

Many croupiers, and many online roulette players, believe that they are able to influence their spins through the force they use, thereby stacking the wheel.

Stories make this seem relatively easy to do, and logic dictates that it would be difficult to detect. However, we could find no published cases of collusion that have occurred - and one would expect that if it is a valid strategy, somebody would have gotten good at it (then been caught at it!) by now!

However, if you’re playing Live Dealer roulette and the online casino hasn’t fixed its wheel to be perfectly balanced, however, it may be possible. Please let us know if you manage to clean house with this winning online roulette strategy!

Martingale Betting Systems for Online Roulette

In the Martingale betting system, the bet is doubled with every loss. The aim is to recoup all of the losings with a single win on the roulette wheel.

This will work some of the time, but the house advantage with the 0 and the double zero overcomes the Martingale betting system in the long run. Cross that one off the online roulette strategies list …

Laser Scanners

A group in London was discovered in 2004 using a laser scanner to predict the sector of the wheel where the ball was most likely to fall. Their experiment was not allowed to continue long enough to find out whether it was successful. You might be able to replicate this at a live casino, but an online casino with Live Dealers would not give a readout to a laser scanner, which depends on 3D objects for its reading.

Order From Chaos

An enormous set of betting systems for online roulette attempt to look for patterns among randomness - order from chaos - and bet according to predetermined criteria which indicate a ‘streak’ is occurring.

You know from our analysis of online pokies betting systems and odds that there is little point trying to predict something which is essentially random.

I’ll leave you with Albert Einstein’s thoughts about online roulette strategies:

“No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking”.

Obviously this isn’t true in all cases - we all hope to pop into a roulette game at the lucky point where the house happens to be losing, and this happens to thousands of people all over the world, every day. It’s just unfortunate that there is no sure-fire way to make your online roulette edge higher than the house edge!