How Two Online Casino Players Can Share a Computer

Online casinos invariably disallow you from having multiple accounts with a single casino. This is usually to do with bonus abuse … but it has the side effect of making it very difficult for anybody in a shared computer situation to gamble online! Today we check out some of the workarounds you can use for multiple players to gamble online using the same computer.

Get Permission From the Casino

The first order of business will be to contact customer support for the casino you want to play at.

You’ll need to obtain permission in writing, either from a supervisory or managerial member of staff, to open two different player accounts on the same computer.

You should seek pre-approval for withdrawals, which is usually done by sending in your identity documents to have them verified. Both of you should send in your identity documents – it will help if both of them have the same residential address on them!

If You Have Sold a Computer

If you have sold your computer to somebody, even a family member, it is imperative that you wipe the hard drive.

This will not only allow them to sign up for their own account and claim the initial bonus at whatever online casino they wish, it will protect you from any accusations of opening multiple accounts as well.

You may need to create a recovery disk before using the software, in order to re-load the operating system.

Use an Uninstaller Suite

You can also use an uninstaller suite to completely remove all traces of software from the computer. This should allow you to start fresh, install the casino software on the computer again, and sign up for a new account.

Use a Different Internet Connection

Problems are frequently encountered when two player accounts use the same IP address.

If two people in the house will both be playing online casinos in the long term, it may be worthwhile getting a separate naked DSL connection for one of them (even if the same computer is used) to avoid IP hassles when it comes to online casino cashout time.

Play at a Different Online Casino!

There are literally hundreds of online casinos available, most of them with stunning sign up bonuses and a fantastic selection of games, you can find the best of them with online pokies Australia. Any players using the same computer could easily just sign up at different casinos, and sidestep the issue completely!