Even More Crazy Online Casino Myths

We’ve done a lot of research into the crazy fallacies and myths that gamblers play by. You would think that there was no more silliness to be unearthed … but actually there seems to be no limit to the way our brains can trick us! Here are the latest crazy online casino myths debunked.

Online Casino Myth #1: Card counting can only be done be genius savants
Actually, there are some very simple and logical systems for counting cards in blackjack. However, it does take patience to learn them, skill to apply them, and they are still nto a guarantee of winning – only an advantage!

Online Casino Myth #2: Online pokies and online casino games are all determined by luck
As with card counting in blackjack, there are some small ways you can get to know a game and become a more skilled gambler. This takes practice and dedication though … and a serious bankroll to support all that gambling time! You’ll never get that experience unless you simply enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Online Casino Myth #3: Big bets are bad ideas
Big bets are a bad idea if you can’t afford to lose the money. However, big betters are actually the only ones able to topple the house! Table limits exist to prevent big bets from sending a whole online casino broke. If you’re confident, and you don’t simply want to play for as long as possible, bet bigger every once in a while.

Online Casino Myth #4: New games are introduced to give players choices
They have the side benefit of giving players choice, but the base reason that online casinos introduce new games every so often is that the house edge is higher on a new game, where people aren’t as familiar with the rules or strategies. Play new games for free before you start putting down real money!

Online Casino Myth #5: The casino wins every time
There are plenty of players at online casinos that win significant amounts – not just enough to play for longer before walking out broke! If this wasn’t the case, nobody would keep using online casinos. Yes, there’s a house edge. But yes, individual sessions can easily put you on top.

The difference between these myths and their complementary realities can be very subtle – but they are also important in setting your strategy and mindset around online casinos and online pokies! Don’t fall into the thought traps and you’ll have a much more fun and profitable time playing online casino games.