Double Or Nothing Pokie Feature

Even money

Whenever you are playing certain pokies, you have the chance to be able to put a double or nothing bet on the monies that you have won on certain spins. This is a way for you to decide if you would like to put the money that you have just won up for risk. If you win, then you are able to claim double the amount that you would have otherwise. Obviously, if you lose, then you lose all the money that you just won on that spin.

Some people feel that this is an absolutely terrible bet. They think that it is just a way for the casino to claim back money that you have just won. Quite to the contrary, this 50-50 proposition is actually quite a bit better than any of the other bets that you are going to find anywhere else in the casino. If you are willing to put your money in a machine that you know has an edge against you, then why would you not be willing to put your money on the line for a 50-50 chance?

The double or nothing feature on some pokie machines is a great way for you to be able to turn a nice win into a really nice win. It is something that brings the excitement to a whole new level. When you do this kind of thing, you are going to be helping yourself to a heaping helping of extra excitement.

It is quite important that you remember that not all of the machines that you are going to play are going to have this feature. In many cases, you might not even realize that this feature is part of the game until you happen to win while playing the game. Once you have made a win on the game that offers the double or nothing feature, then the game should give you the option to double your money. When it does, you are going to be able to make the critical choice at that time about what you are going to do with your money. You can just play it conservatively and take in the win, or you can take this fair gamble and play it out.

There are many who try to make the claim that the double or nothing feature is not something that anyone should base their gameplay on, but it is probably the most even bet you could ever possibly play. The choice is up to you.