Common Myths About Online pokies?

Below are some common myths or false beliefs people hold about gambling. Be aware of the reality.

Myth: If I keep gambling, my chances of winning are increasing, and I’ll win back the money I’ve lost.
Reality: Each time you place a bet, the outcome is completely independent of the previous one. This means that the odds are no more in your favour on the tenth bet than they were on the first bet. Over time, the more you risk, the more you’ll lose.

Myth: If I play more than one slot machine or in more than one poker game at a time, I’ll increase my chances of winning.
Reality: Sure, you may win more often by playing two slot machines or poker games at a time, but make no mistake about it: You’ll also spend—and ultimately lose—more doing so. Remember, over time, the more you gamble, the more you’ll lose.

Myth: I almost won; I must be due for a win.
Reality: There is no such thing as “almost” winning, especially with pokies. The machines are designed to make you feel this way. Either you win or, more often, you don’t. “Almost” winning in no way means that a real win is around the corner. Future gambling outcomes are in no way influenced by previous outcomes.

Myth: I have a special strategy that helps me win. I pick certain numbers for the lottery and press the stop button on a pokie machine at exactly the right time.
Reality: The outcome of most games of chance, particularly lotteries and pokie machines, is completely random: There is no way to influence it, regardless of what you do. For lotteries, this means that betting the same numbers every week won’t help you win any more than betting different numbers will.
Whether or not you win playing pokie machines is based solely on the randomly drawn numbers generated by the machine’s computer. These numbers that generate the outcome of the game have been selected by the computer before the reel stops. Pressing the stop button may speed up when you find out what the game’s outcome is, but it won’t influence what that outcome is in any way.

Myth: I have a feeling that today is my lucky day. I just know I’m going to win.
Reality: Hoping, wishing or even needing to win money has absolutely no influence on the outcome of a game of chance.