Can I Use a Proxy Server When Playing at Online Casinos?

Online casinos are fun places to play, but they do come with a whole new set of rules to learn. There are plenty of traps and quirks in their operation that are not immediately obvious to a newcomer. One of these is the use of proxy servers – although they have plenty of legitimate uses (or at least, uses that don’t involve breaking online gambling laws), online casinos don’t allow players using them to play (if discovered) or cash out. Today we explore the issues around the use of proxies at online casinos.

Why Don’t Online Casinos Allow Proxy Servers?

Some of the main issues in online casino administration are identifying players from countries where online gambling is illegal as well as identifying players trying to open multiple accounts. Proxy servers enable both of these illegal practices and make them impossible for the online casino to identify.

So, while proxies do have legitimate uses (much like headache tablets for sportspeople), they are banned because they can be used as a ‘masking agent’ for practices against the online casino terms and conditions.

Will I Still Be Able to Play With a Proxy?

If you are planning to play for real money at any stage and cash out any winnings you make, it is best NEVER to use a proxy server at an online casino.

The online casino might not actually block you from the games. Sometimes the software is able to identify proxy usage in real-time and block it, sometimes not. However if your play records indicate you’ve played from multiple places around the globe or around your country, they leave a paper trail to be followed later.

The casino will scrutinise your account to ensure that you haven’t broken any terms and conditions before allowing you to cash out – after all, rules are there for a reason! Even if you have only played free practice games using a proxy, there’s a chance you’ll never see your cash.

What About Downloaded Casinos?

A downloaded casino running from your hard drive would not identify your use of a proxy server for other activities. However, if you continue to use your proxy when you connect the casino the internet for cashout purposes, you may be in trouble.

But People Use Dynamic IPs All the Time!

This is true, and online casinos are well aware of this! However, the pattern of IP changing that occurs with a dynamically issued IP address from a legitimate non-proxy ISP is often different to that which occurs when people are using proxy servers.

Some of the clues are:

  • IP addresses from wildly different countries or cities appearing on the same account within a short space of time
  • IP addresses that also belong to other players at the online casino
  • Addresses from a different range than those that normally appear for you.

Will I Be in Trouble If I Play From Overseas/On Holidays/On a Different Computer?

Most reputable casinos will put a note on your file if you notify them in advance that you are going on holidays, changing your computer, etc.

If you fail to notify them, there’s a real risk that your activities will be interpreted as use of a proxy, and your account will be locked. It’s better to be safe than sorry! If your online casino support staff aren’t able to make notes on your account like that, it’s bette to play safe and wait til you’re back at your regular computer before sitting down to a game at the online casino again.