Can Community Caring Exist in Online Casinos?

Pokies have never really been considered a social pastime, apart from the occasional group who go to the casino for a day out or night out. The vast majority of people playing poker machines do so alone. Combine this solitary pastime with the internet, and it seems online pokies play must exist in a virtual un-impenetrable bubble of loneliness! However, we actually see lots of examples of community caring in the online pokies world. Today we look at how to get involved with the communities around online pokies, and both reap their benefits and contribute to the wellbeing of other members.

How to Get Involved with Online Casino Communities

Though it certainly doesn’t resemble the traditional form of community interaction (talking to your neighbour over the back fence, stopping on the street when you see someone you know or chatting in the supermarket line), every time you play online pokies you are participating in the community in a small way.

If you want a bit more interaction than just making deposits and withdrawals, though, why not try:

Live chat options

Many online casinos allow you to engage in Live Chat with others who are using the casino software at the same time as you. Ask somebody where they’re from, how they’re doing, or offer a comment on the game you’re playing at the moment.

Video games

Video poker is especially popular in the online community, but many casinos also offer video blackjack, video roulette or other video card games with a real person dealing the cards. If you want these games specifically, they’ll be under ‘Live Dealer’ games on most casino websites.

Join a social network page

Many online casinos have their own Facebook page, where you can interact with and even become friends with other members, and share your experiences with particular online casinos.

However, don’t fall into the trap of using the Facebook page only to report problems. If you want it to be a true part of your online casino community, report positive experiences there too!

And remember, Facebook is not the only social network in the world … though it sometimes seems like it!

Becoming a member of online casino forums

Forums are the truest representations of communities on the internet – apart from social networks like Facebook, in which real-life relationships are fostered as well as purely online relationships. In an online casino forum, you’ll build a profile, interact with other members, be remembered for the specifics of information you have posted, be thanked, and gain reputation points. The only thing you can’t do is give your fellow online casino forum members a hug!

Being a Good Community Member

The ‘rules’ for being a good member of communities related to online casinos mirrors those for ordinary communities, though with a couple of extras. Sometimes we forget these rules, sometimes they seem too easy to break … but for your own social and mental wellbeing, you need to follow them!

Don’t cheat, don’t lie

If you want respect as a member of an online casino community, not just from the casino staff but from other players, you need to act honestly. This rule is the ‘Golden’ rule!

Be positive

It’s all too easy to become sour and negative about your experiences, especially when you’ve either had a significant losing streak or run up against some oddity in online casino terms and conditions that you did not understand. But … nobody wants to hang around with a complainer! Talk about your positive experiences also.

Help a brother out

Notice someone floundering with a concept that you’ve mastered? Help out. However, there’s a caveat to this piece of advice – don’t be arrogant about it. Make suggestions, but stay well away from that high horse.

Read before you post

Longstanding community members will be incredibly sick of people asking the same questions over and over again. Being a good community member also involves looking at existing answers and discussions before you post your own question.

Post what you know, provide your sources

People are understandably wary of trusting people on the internet. It’s actually a very good safety principle! So, improve those trust levels by only posting when you are certain of something, and providing sources to back up what you are talking about. In the online casino world this might be screenshots from your play, record tables, or other sources on the internet.

Most of all, once you get involved in a community, maintain that involvement. Trust and reputation come with time – and that involvement will allow you to call on members for help when YOU need it!

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