Benefits of VIP Programs for Pokie Players

VIP in the world of pokies play is short for Very Important Player. The VIP program is a rewards plan for active pokie players. VIP players earn points for regular play, and points can be redeemed for cash, prizes, merchandise, free play, trips, and seats in special events. Cash awards are collected by request at casino websites, and will generally be deposited into a player’s casino account, where the player may collect a pay out according to casino terms and conditions, or use it for regular casino play. Merchandise is available from VIP stores at participating casinos. Trips include weekend getaways and sporting events, and these are scheduled through the casino. Normally these events are hosted by the casino with a member of the staff attending as host. Special events for VIP players include sweepstakes and VIP tournaments, and many casinos have these special events every week.

VIP players can use points to purchase merchandise from VIP stores operated at many casinos. VIP merchandise may include such things as Blu-ray disc players, high definition televisions, and digital cameras, as well as tee shirts, coffee mugs, and decorative items. The cost of these items is the number of VIP points to be exchanged for the items. A tee shirt might require 10,000 points, and a Blu-ray player might require 400,000.VIP

Some casinos offer different levels of VIP membership, with players advancing through higher levels depending on their cash deposits and the frequency of play. At one casino, there are Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, with the Silver level requiring only a deposit of $1,000 and the Platinum level requiring a deposit of $10,000. Beyond the deposit, members must also maintain certain average deposit levels. At that casino, benefits of VIP membership include higher table limits and better pay-out percentages. At another casino, VIP levels are Amber at the lowest and Diamond at the highest. A series of deposits reaching a certain total size will generally immediately earn a player membership at the highest VIP level, but this deposit amount is normally larger than the standard deposit required for the highest VIP level. For example, where the highest VIP level requires a one-time deposit of $10,000, a player depositing $25,000 over the course of one year will be entitled to the highest membership, even if no single deposit reaches the $10,000 level.

Higher VIP levels also benefit players in the number of points earned when playing. Generally, the higher the player’s VIP level, the more VIP points the player will earn when playing. At some casinos, players earn six times as many points at the highest VIP level as at the lowest. VIP members earn increased deposit bonuses, along with the other bonuses paid, and these also vary with VIP level. Deposit bonuses are called “matching bonuses” and these bonuses range from a match of 100% of a deposit to as much as 400% and more. In some cases, multiple matching bonuses are offered and these can amount to a total bonus of more than 400% of a player’s deposit.

VIP programs sometimes pay players cash bonuses along with points. For instance, a casino might award $1 in cash for every 1,000 VIP points earned. Generally only small amounts of cash are paid in this way, but awards can accumulate over time and become substantial sums which the player can then redeem. Cash awards, again, are deposited into a player’s casino account, so that they can be redeemed according to casino terms and conditions, or simply used for regular casino play.

VIP programs also offer players insurance on losses. This simply means that a percentage of a player’s losses for a certain period are refunded to the player. Often, insurance is given on a monthly basis, so that a portion of a player’s losses for a month will be returned to the player. The percentage of losses insured often varies with the VIP level. The higher a player’s VIP membership level, the higher the percentage of losses which will be covered by insurance. Insurance is not offered at every casino, and so a player will want to find out whether or not it is offered at the casino where they play or may play.

VIP programs pay fun and valuable bonuses to players at all levels. Merchandise, trips, and free play are among some of the more desirable bonuses offered. Generally, VIP membership is automatically awarded after a player makes a deposit of the minimum required size, and no application or election is needed. However, rules and procedures vary from casino to casino, so players must review guidelines for their casino.