Advanced strategies for playing pokies

While there are no surefire ways to win at slots, and it’s true that the game is based on luck, there are some advanced strategies that some serious pokie players employ.  Here are a couple of these strategies outlined below. Keep in mind that there is no consensus among pokie players; for everyone who says one strategy is good, another person will say it doesn’t work. Try out the strategies and determine what works for you.

This strategy is particularly advanced, perhaps the most advanced of all methods for playing pokies.  It requires the use of a mathematical equation to determine on which spins the machine is most likely to yield winning slots. While some people prefer to use actual mathematical calculations using formulas in this strategy, it’s not completely necessary and if you practice a little then it can be done in your head relatively quickly. Follow these steps and practice:

  1. You must choose a pokie machine or game that uses “equal ratio” play. The averages strategy will only work on these machines. Equal ratio means that the machine will give the same payout percentage for every level of play. For example, if you bet five dollars, the jackpot payout will be exactly five times that it would be had you bet one dollar.
  2. This strategy allows you to calculate the average of the number of spins between wins. In order to do this, you must bet with the minimum amount in order to establish, on average, how many spins you make before you win. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, and play for a while, recording the number of spins you make before you get a win. Repeat this about ten times. For example, if, the first time, you spin 11 times and then win on the twelfth, write down 12. Then repeat and if you spin, say, 7 times and on the eighth time you win, write down 8.
  3. Once you have around ten wins recorded in this style, find the average of all the numbers. You then have the average number of spins between wins. Let’s say it’s 15. Then, in order to maximise your chances of winning for this particular game, you would bet the minimum amount for 14 spins and then on the 15th spin you would bet the maximum.

NOTE: Many players swear by this system for winning big on pokies. All evidence of how poker machines work suggests that this method will not work, as the results of the spins are generated randomly. We’ve outlined the strategy here because of the people who swear it works. Try it out and see how it works for you.

One Play Strategy
As with the averages strategy, you will need to choose Equal Ratio games in order to make this one play strategy work. It also helps to choose games that offer big jackpots, and to only make the maximum bet.

Spin once, betting the maximum. If your play wins a payout of between one and three times the amount you bet, make one more play.

If your play wins four or more times the amount you bet, then you make three more plays.
If neither of these things happen, stop playing immediately.

NOTE: Many people do not believe in One Play poker machine strategies. They tend to say that it is impossible to win by just using one type of bet. Try out the method for yourself and make up your own mind.