6 More Online Casino Pitfalls to Jump Over

We recently tried to map out some of the online pokies terrain for new players, alerting you to some of the quirks of playing in online casinos as a lifestyle. Today we continue the list – there were too many important facts to fit into one post! Go forth and gain your experience – but keep this important advice in mind as you do.

  1. 1.      Online Communities
    Have you noticed how big companies are starting to respond to the prevailing sentiments on Twitter? The internet has truly unlocked the power of the people, and this is true in the online casino world as well. Once you start seriously playing online pokies or table games, you should start getting involved in the online communities around virtual casinos. Casinomeister is one, and there are others. Representatives from online casinos frequent these p[laces to protect their reputations and the moderators can act as intermediaries between you and the casino – so if you have trouble, they can be a great place to go!
  2. 2.      Rogue Casinos
    An essential skill on the internet is learning to tell the legitimate businesses from the scams, and the online casino world is no different. There are lists of ‘rogue online casinos’ posted at many communities across the internet. Make sure you check them before you make a deposit at ANY new casino.
  3. 3.      Accredited Casinos
    First the bad, then the good! There are also various accreditation services in the online casino world, the best known of which is eCOGRA, which audits, calculates and publishes  payout percentages for various games. You can check eCOGRA’s list of accredited casinos, but be aware that these aren’t the ONLY legitimate casinos.
  4. 4.      Payout Percentages
    Speaking of payout percentages, the published figures are casino-wide. There may be different payout percentages for particular online pokies games, which may be generally higher or lower than the overall figure. There are also ‘high variance’ games made by some software companies, which pay out some very big wins, but much fewer small wins. And of course, your actual payout percentage is influenced by randomness and chance more than anything!
  5. 5.      Statistics
    If you’re good at math and statistics, you’ll enjoy online pokies. If you aren’t, much of the side discussion about online casinos will go over your head. Find yourself some online tutorials to help you get into the community!
  6. You Can’t Cheat the System
    The temptation to ‘cheat’ online casinos in one way or another must be strong! There are literally thousands of players across the world who have spent many weeks or their life figuring out how to shill casinos with various software tricks or simple fraud.

    They all end the same way – closed accounts, lost winnings, etc. The hallmarks of fraud are well known in the online casino world. Don’t bother trying!