11 Netiquette Tips for Online Casinos

There are plenty of standard etiquette rules you can joyfully ignore at online casinos. Come in sipping coffee, in your slippers and with bed hair, and even a live dealer will welcome you! However, that doesn’t mean that these are ‘anything goes’ environments. You will need to be aware of these netiquette rules for online casinos, for the sake of your wallet as well as your social reputation.

  1. Know Your Terms and Conditions
    We know that you’ve been ignoring terms and conditions popup boxes since 2001 on the internet without consequence! Unfortunately though, an online casino is one place where reading the entire terms and conditions document, studying it and then having any unclear parts clarified, is absolutely essential. Especially if you play with bonuses, which are fraught with extra conditions.
  2. Remember, You’re Speaking to Real People
    It’s all too easy to grow ‘windshield muscles’… the type that give you the courage to say anything to anybody when you’re in your car, when you’re on the net. Don’t forget that in a live dealer situation, or in a Live Chat support situation, you’re speaking to real people. With real feelings, and days that can really be ruined by your thoughtless ranting about online casino losses or rules.
  3. Use Your ‘Sit Out’ Button If Necessary
    If you need to go to the little boys room, make a coffee or solve a domestic disaster, use the button to sit out your next hand. They’re real people – don’t leave them hanging!
  4. Check for Special Rules in Your Jurisdiction
    You may not be allowed to play from your jurisdiction, or withdraw to financial accounts in your jurisdiction. It really does pay to know about these rules before you start playing, rather than finding out that you just can’t access your $5000 winnings.
  5. Chat in English
    Many online casinos require that chat be in English. The aim of this rule is similar to those in physical casinos which aim to prevent cheating or compromise of the odds in any way.
  6. Thou Shalt Reboot, Repair and Reinstall Before Calling Tech Support
    This is a handy tactic for many situations in life, actually. Before calling the tech support team to tell them that your online casino software isn’t working properly, do the most basic troubleshooting steps yourself:
    - Close all your programs and reboot your computer
    - Use your system tools to repair the installation (in Windows, this is found in Control Panel > Programs and Features)
    - Uninstall and reinstall your software if you continue to have problems
  7. If the 3Rs Don’t Work, RTM
    Check the help file or the online casino’s technical support section for the answer to your question before you make a real human come and help you!
  8. Thou Shalt Not Spam!
    Nobody at any online casino, anywhere, cares if you can get a great deal on prescription d**gs, or even if you have a fantastic website selling blue casino widgets. Advertising within online casinos is likely to get you banned!
  9. Never Think That You Can Break the Rules and Get Away With It
    Online casinos have plenty of detection methods to ensure that you don’t open multiple accounts, collude with other players at table games like live dealer poker, or do anything else that is against the terms and conditions. It’s players who do the wrong thing that make it very hard for players who just want to have a flutter and be paid when they win.
  10. Avoid Sharing Computers if Possible
    Online casinos have strict rules about opening dual accounts, so if a friend or family member is going to play on the same computer as you, it pays to inform the casino before you go to withdraw your winnings.
  11. You Cannot Use Proxies
    Because they can be used to conceal dual accounts, you cannot use a proxy server (even innocently) when playing at an online casino. If your IP records show you were playing in Norway but you want to withdraw to Australia, your winnings will likely be confiscated.

The list of netiquette for online casinos is much smaller than of real-life etiquette for physical casinos, at least! If you read your terms and conditions, you’ll avoid the worst blunders.