10 Etiquette Tips You Can Safely Ignore at the Online Casino!

The internet now allows us to socialise in our underpants, work in our dressing gowns and pontificate while wearing last night’s makeup! In terms of online casino gambling, it also means that you can sidestep some of the stifling casino etiquette that is required as soon as you are within 20m of a piece of green felt. Today we make you happy that you’re an online gambler rather than a three-piece suited wannabe high roller being stared up and down by security. There is much to be thankful for!

  1. You must not touch the craps dice with both hands or any other body part
    The craps dice are very carefully maintained and weighted to ensure even odds of each number appearing. Touching with both hands conceals the dice and could allow you to deliberately compromise their weighting, touching them to your girlfriend’s lips carries the real risk of compromise by getting lipstick on the side!
  2. Don’t touch your bet once it is placed
    In fact, once bets are closed for physical casino games, if you tuch your bet (even innocently) the hand will likely have to be replaced. You may well be asked to leave the table, if not the casino. Aren’t you glad it just isn’t possible to touch your bet in an online casino?!
  3. Don’t swear!
    One of the great joys of the internet is being allowed to fully and completely speak your mind (to the computer screen), without ever offending anybody. As long as you don’t write accusatory or aggressive emails about your losses, you can say the F word as much as you like in an online casino.
  4. Don’t help the dealer
    The dealer has a strict set of rules to follow, and players are not allowed to ‘help’. This is partially due to the possibility of players tampering with the cards, which is just not present in an online casino.
  5. Always watch your pokies machine
    There are some nicely dressed but poorly behaved individuals who make a living out of cashing out unattended pokies machines in physical casinos. There is no issue with this in an online casino!
  6. Don’t pass things to the dealer
    In all casino table games, you must put things on the table for the dealer to take. This is to remove the possibilities of bribery and other types of cheating. In an online casino, even if you’re playing live dealer games and can see them, you certainly can’t pass anything to them!
  7. Don’t leave the table if you want to keep playing
    You can ‘save a spot’ for as long as you like at online casinos. You won’t be imposing on anybody else who is waiting to play – there are plenty of ‘seats’ to go around!
  8. You cannot take photographs at the table
    Not even of your girlfriend or boyfriend with a big winner’s grin on their face! Think of a physical casino table like Russia or an Arab nation – no photos. On the other hand, you’re welcome to take photographs of your computer screen, and there is a special button (Print Screen!) to facilitate this at online casinos.
  9. Tip the staff
    Although you cannot tip the dealer (your tip might be seen as a form of bribery), you can, and are expected to, tip waitresses and other service staff in a physical casino. When playing in an online casino, you can tip yourself!
  10. 10.  Keep your negative thoughts to yourself
    Generally, casinos do not cheat. Neither do individual dealers. They can’t help it if you put down $500 on a losing hand, nor can they help a 10-hand losing streak. Whining and moaning only brings everybody else at the table down. However, if you’re home alone playing at an online casino , you can feel free to moan and complain as much as you like!

I’ll bet (and I’ll win!) that you are just as keenly aware of some of the etiquette rules regarding online casino play also. Before you start filling the comments with the online equivalents of these interpersonal rules, we’ll be looking at them next time around. Stay tuned!