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This article is definitely not endorsing the use of pokie bots in any way, shape or form. This article is for informative purposes only that identifies different pokie bot types. The choice to use one or not is a personal decision. No real bots that are currently in use will be identified in this article. [...]

Accreditation is always a good thing when it comes to online casinos. It means that somebody else has a done the hard yards of looking into a casino’s internal practices, administration and reputation to discover whether they meet generally accepted standards of ‘fairness’ and good business practices. But what does accreditation really mean, in concrete [...]

Moneybookers is quite a well-known name on the interwebs, and even more well known among online casinos. The business recently renamed to Skrill (perhaps a amrine biology bent in one of the new managers?!), so we’ll refer to it by both names throughout this review. However, being well known doesn’t (necessarily) mean that it will [...]

There are plenty of standard etiquette rules you can joyfully ignore at online casinos. Come in sipping coffee, in your slippers and with bed hair, and even a live dealer will welcome you! However, that doesn’t mean that these are ‘anything goes’ environments. You will need to be aware of these netiquette rules for online [...]

Online casinos are fun places to play, but they do come with a whole new set of rules to learn. There are plenty of traps and quirks in their operation that are not immediately obvious to a newcomer. One of these is the use of proxy servers – although they have plenty of legitimate uses [...]

Online casinos invariably disallow you from having multiple accounts with a single casino. This is usually to do with bonus abuse … but it has the side effect of making it very difficult for anybody in a shared computer situation to gamble online! Today we check out some of the workarounds you can use for [...]

The internet now allows us to socialise in our underpants, work in our dressing gowns and pontificate while wearing last night’s makeup! In terms of online casino gambling, it also means that you can sidestep some of the stifling casino etiquette that is required as soon as you are within 20m of a piece of [...]

The online gambling world holds an amazing diversity of businesses. Some hold themselves to exceptionally high standards … and unfortunately, there are also rogue casinos which have no intention of paying any winnings! One of the industry watchdogs aiming to regulate online casino behaviour and improve consumer trust and experience is eCOGRA. They publish a [...]

Plus - keep your winnings and put them into next week's 'budget'. The standard good advice for keeping your gambling at ‘hobby’ status rather than ‘problem’ status, is not to spend more on the online pokies than you can afford. Only you know how much you can ‘afford’ to spend on online pokies … but [...]

We've done a lot of research into the crazy fallacies and myths that gamblers play by. You would think that there was no more silliness to be unearthed … but actually there seems to be no limit to the way our brains can trick us! Here are the latest crazy online casino myths debunked. Online [...]