Elementals Online Pokie Game Review

The Elementals online pokies game is based on the older style one-armed bandit pokies, where you could almost feel like if you pulled the arm a certain way, you’d be able to hit that sweet spot that pays out again and again! The old-school fruit design is interspersed with superheroes to create a very unusual type of alternate universe … where superheroes of elemental earth, fire and water fight with strawberries, limes and plums. However, the design does make it exceptionally simple to see what combinations you have spun up, even halfway through your spin.

Vital Stats for Elementals Online Pokies Game

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coin values: $0.01 to $5.00
  • Highest Jackpot: 5000 coins
  • Second place jackpot: 1000
  • Maximum bet: $1000
  • Winning combinations: 37
  • Wildcards/Scatters/Multipliers/Gamble? The Elementals online pokies game ticks all the boxes, including the gamble feature which is often missing in the online version of slots. Don’t use it to become your own worst enemy!
  • Bonus feature: When you hit 3 or more scatter symbols in Elektra, you get to fight evil (and sometimes fight on the side of evil!) alongside her, throwing Elektra Ninja stars at her enemies. You win up to 250 times your original bet for every ninja you kill! This little element of hand-eye coordination and skill helps make up for the fact there is no gamble feature in Elektra.

Rules of Elementals

The rules of Elementals are elementary, my dear:

Wins are paid in consecutive order and left to right

If you have more than one winning combo per spin, only the highest is paid

The Elementals bonus symbol (big E inside a sun) cannot substitute in scatter combinations.

Oh, the Possibilities …
With the power of wind, fire, water, oranges, watermelons and cherries, you could be enjoying any of these awesome winning combinations!

  • Five of any of the same Elementals symbols in one spin will give you a decent prize of 200-300 coins.
  • Look for the Elementals Wild card, which gives you a line multiplier of 5,000 when you match it five times in a row on an active payline.
  • The Elementals symbols on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously will trigger 20 free spins, with all wins during the free spin period doubled.
  • If you get three or more Scatter symbols you’ll win a multiple of your total bet for that spin. There’s no need to land them o the same Elementals payline.

Design for Elementals Online Pokies

The design is definitely original! The most powerful elements of the earth, combined with a rainbow of fruit flavours … certainly nobody could say that this design has been done before!

Despite the urge to giggle every time you spin up a watermelon slice next to the scary looking ‘Earth’ element, the design of Elementals is actually quite good. The sounds and animations are as original as the visual design concept, and the graphics quality is fantastic.

Elementals Pokie Game