Elektra Online Pokies - Review

Elektra … one of the least childish of all the kids’ comic characters. Are you sure that you dare to play with her in an online pokies duel? The world’s most lethal woman does have mind-control abilities, you know! In reality, the Elektra online pokies game is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in one of the favourite stories of our childhoods, a Marvel Comics classic. Here’s what you need to know about the most lethal woman in online gambling …

Vital Stats for Elektra Online Pokies Game

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coin values: $0.01 to $5.00
  • Highest Jackpot: 5000
  • Second place jackpot: 1000
  • Maximum bet: $200
  • Wildcards/Scatters/Multipliers/Gamble? There are wildcards and scatters available in Elektra, but there is no multipliers feature.
  • Bonus feature: When you hit 3 or more scatter symbols in Elektra, you get to fight evil (and sometimes fight on the side of evil!) alongside her, throwing Elektra Ninja stars at her enemies. You win up to 250 times your original bet for every ninja you kill! This little element of hand-eye coordination and skill helps make up for the fact there is no gamble feature in Elektra.

Rules of Elektra
Elektra is in many ways a standard online pokies game, but there are plenty of little quirks that make her special! The rules of this online casino pokies game include:

Wins are paid in consecutive order and left to right

If you have more than one winning combo per spin, only the highest is paid

Chinese character (the scatter symbol) can generate a payout even on non-enabled payout lines.

Elektra is the substitute symbol, and can only appear on the middle three lines. She cannot substitute for the Chinese character scatter symbol.

Oh, the Possibilities …
Look out for the following top combos on the Elektra online pokies game, and get your ninja on!

  • Three or more Elektra symbols to trigger the Weapons Bonus round. In this round you select your weapon, your multiplier and your number of free spins.
  • Elektra herself showing up in a spin in the Weapons Bonus round, which makes her an expanding wild.
  • The Mystery Progressive Jackpot linked to the entire Marvel Comics game group. The Jackpot game has a 20-square grid

Design for Elektra Online Pokies
As you’d expect from a Marvel Comics game, Elektra doesn’t feel as muck like an online pokies game as an ordinary PC game. The skill-based Bonus Feature round only adds to this feeling. There are plenty of splash-out screens with pics of the world’s most dangerously sexy woman, and both the Bonus Feature and the Mystery Progressive Jackpot have distinctively different backgrounds, so you know something special is happening!

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