Easter Surprise Online Pokies Game Review

There aren’t too many Easter surprises left for people old enough to play in online casinos! We all know that bunnies would never deliver chocolate to children to celebrate a Pagan/Christian festival, and in fact we probably got sick of the taste of Easter chocolate (it DOES have its own taste!) long ago.

So hopefully you can find a little magic to put back in the holiday with the Eater Surprise online pokies game!

Vital Stats for Easter Surprise Online Pokies Game

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coin values: $0.01 to $1
  • Maximum bet:  200 coins
  • Highest Jackpot: $100,000 … now winning that really would be an Easter Surprise, whether it’s April or December!
  • Progressive jackpots available: No
  • Maximum bet: $200, with $1 coin value and 200 coins
  • Wildcards/Scatters/Multipliers/Gamble? Wilds and scatters are included in Easter Surprise online pokies, and you can access mulitpliers through the free spins feature. Double or nothing gambles are available after every win, too.
  • Bonus feature: Easter Surprise does include a bonus feature.

Rules of Easter Surprise

Apart from not peeking when the (ahem) “Easter Bunny” is distributing his booty, there are some other rules that you’ll have to follow if you want to be able to unwrap a prize much better than chocolate!

Only one win per spin is paid (the highest win)

Your payout will be made according to the published paytable

Winning combinations are paid from left to right

As well as these fairly standard online pokies rules, Easter Surprise also makes some of its own:

Free spins have a 3x multiplier

Free spins can be retriggered infinitely (more generous than some other online pokies)

Oh, the Possibilities …

There might just be a whole lot more than cocoa and sugar under the bright and shiny wrapping of the Easter Surprise online pokies game. Look out for the following bonuses and clues that your egg might be filled with gold!

  • The Rabbit, which acts as the wild symbol
  • Three or more Easter Surprise logos to trigger the free spins
  • Three or more Easter egg baskets in a row to activate the bonus game! In this game you select the baskets you want, with a random prize in each one. For three Easter egg baskets on your screen you’ll get to pick three random prizes; four choices for four baskets and five choices for five baskets.

Design Quality for Easter Surprise

The Easter Surprise game has a surprisingly good design quality! It’s cutesy, it’s rainbow and it has flowers and chocolate … so don’t leave your game open and desert the room with any female children around! You can let yourself go a little and believe that you’re in a green meadow, skipping across the grass, with the creative sky/field background. There are plenty of cute changes that make the Easter Surprise online pokies game interesting to look at!