Cleopatra’s Gold

The Romans were a force back in the day and Cleopatra was a dame in those days, and a dangerous one too if you messed her. RTG have given you a progressive jackpot machine, including all the free spins, wilds and scatters with fair odds of getting a result. The theme is amusing and playful involving characters from the ancient days of the Romans packaged into 5 reels incorporating 20 win lines to work on with a maximum bet of 5 credits per line on all 20 win lines.

Ancient Egyptian scripts are part of the themed icons plus plenty of playing card regulars. Starring roles in this feature are Cleopatra herself, Scatter symbol of the Sphinx, plus Lotus carving, Gold pendant, Crook and Flail, Eye Horus, then finally a card sharks lucky set of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten, and lastly nine. The machine boasts a 95% pay back if you strategise your game to increase your odds probability of a win. Use the auto feature to get going or new players can activate this function to familiarise with the interface.Cleopatras Gold Logo

There is a selection of graphics options to suit your screen resolution using Best, High, Medium or Low to smooth out your play experience. Game play offers payouts starting from double money up to 10,000 if you land Cleopatra 5 times on a win line. Scatters are the easiest to land because of their flexibility and 5 results in a x100 multiplier.

Gaming features include the drop in jackpot which you should watch out for this as the jackpot counter is always on the rise. It can land anytime without any warning mimicking a snake that spits it food out when it has digested its prey, the progressive jackpot is the same creature.
So many features that are up for grabs, and all in all a straight forward high paying virtual pokie with an animated theme that will keep pay even the casual player.

Progressive Jackpot
The suspense is always increased when playing a progressive jackpot machine that just drops in unexpectedly. The machine keeps ticking up the balance only pausing during a spin.

Wild Symbol
Cleopatra has the starring role and can pretty much do anything she feels helping punters rinse the coffers. She can get you top prize if she lands 5 times on a win line, failing that she will give you second spot if you can land her 4 times. Other symbols also use Cleopatra to complete their combos apart from the Sphinx because even she has respect.

Scatter Symbol
Land the Sphinx anywhere to get paid. There are 5 reels meaning 15 pictures, get the Sphinx in any one of these twice to double up, 3 times forCleopatras Gold Pokies Screen Capture x5, 4 times for x20 and 5 for x100 multipliers. Land three in any combo to get into the free spin session and a payout.

Free Spins
15 spins are awarded every time you get 3 sphinxes anywhere on the reel display where you will get triple win payouts for any win lines during the spin session. Topping this are the 180 free spins potential where if you get to this point your free spin session will end here is the maximum.

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