Chain Mail

Get multipliers and a bonus round out of this Microgaming designed pokie over 5 reels and 20 win lines. Top payout is 6,000 followed by the lowest payout of 100x via the scatter feature. All the other usually found residents are housed in allowing you to scatter the Mail Bag anywhere and win a cash out.

If you want to play for fun or stake 0.01 to 0.50 up to ten times per line Chain Mail offers easy access to featured wins. The scatter symbol is among the most helpful due to its payout regularity and its flexibility of being able to win you money for appearing even just twice on the reel display. Hit a wild card symbols up to 5 times in a spin then your payout could multiply by up to x100 your stake. If it lands into a combination of one of the other icons it will also stand in and award you the win for the combination of the pictures the wild card fills in for. chain mail pokies screen capture

The bonus round is where some real investment returns can get serious if you spin in the 3 out 5 odd numbered reels revealing Bonus Fate symbol . This pokie has its own symbol for the bonus ironically the big red B known as the Bonus Gate symbol. First of all random amounts already multiplied by the stake amount are presented by gates, you choose the gate to open where your cash awaits you along with an opportunity to win all the money behind all the gates.
Nice game play and interesting graphical display, the bonus round is fun with 1 in 7 odds of winning the lot.

Wild Multiplier Symbol
This symbol is the Chain Mail acting as a wild card, but this doesn’t include filling in for the Mail Bag or Castle Bonus features. 2 or more of one of the other icons; Mail Man, Horse, Mail Box, Pizza, Chicken, Kebab, King Cone or Chocolate, plus the Chain Mail wild card in that combination will win the payout amount for that icon multiplied by the amount involved in the combination. Bar all of this get the Chain Mail into the combination and it will multiply the win amount, making combination’s including the wild icon more valuable.

Scatter Symbol
The win that keeps things going is back as a Mail Bag representing the scatter symbol. Hit this anywhere in any reel 3, 4, or 5 times to win a prize with rewards as follows: 3 is double, 4 is x20 and 5 is x100. Scatter is paid in any combination over 5 reels on all win lines regardless of lines wagered.

Castle Bonus Feature
Not often, but sometimes the bonus is activated using a bonus symbol, the Bonus Gate. Get into this round and you will have 7 gates to choose from. Get lucky and select the gate with Princess Roxy all the wins behind every door are paid. Hit an unlucky door and Uncle Mordread will kick you out of the castle. Failing catching the Princess there is still a prize if you can avoid Mordread.

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