A high jackpot game with 5 bonus rounds, wilds and scatters for those who either love playing bonus featured pokies and who are not into drop-in progressive jackpots. Play across 5 reels with 20 win lines rolled into a truly exciting game of features. Based on billionaire characters the theme is purely about one thing, money, money and more money.

Brought to the virtual casinos hosting online pokies this is a multiple stakes Microgaming production with billionaire bonuses that will blow your head off. There are 4 10,000 jackpot combos and the grand jackpot is 50,000. There’s also a chance to hit big using scatters and wilds as add-ons plus an auto play feature. Betting limits are wagers between 0.01 to 0.20 per line. cashville pokie screen capture

Select from one of four bonus stages to appear on the Cashville bonus round by choosing a billionaire. Bill Bullion will make you an oil tycoon. Bette Boodle loves dogs and you can choose to look behind one of the paintings where there could be a stash of cash. Dame Von Deeds can make you rich by cashing in a few of her 8 available deeds. Sir Sterling has 9 vaults you can raid depending on how many you are allowed to open this could turn out to be a valuable visit.
After each win you spin on the reel you have the choice to gamble on a card game at odds of 2-1 to double and 4-1 to quadruple any winnings handing over a selection of features this game appears a sure profit maker.

Apart from the S scatter symbol, the billionaire characters and coin symbols, the wild can take any other icons place to make a combination. The wild is also the top jackpot win, match 5 to get your hands on an x50, 000 multiplier.

Scatter this symbol anywhere on the reels. X3 can earn you a x8 pay off and up to 5 a sweet x300 multiplier.

Bonus Round
The Cashville bonus round has a coin symbol and is similar to a scatter. Spin 3 or more anywhere on the reels to get into one of the 4 bonus feature billionaires to choose from.

Bette Boodle has five paintings of dogs. If you landed 3 coins to enter the bonus feature you can choose one picture to look for a prize.
Bill Bullion is an Oil tycoon where you choose an oil rig investment from 6 rigs to get a return from each one.

The Dame Von Deeds offers money back on 8 deeds, by choosing 1, 2, or 3 bonds depending on the number of coins you land.
Sir Sterling offers 9 vaults with money inside, again open 1, 2, or 3 bonds.

On any bonus round if you land 4 coins to pick out 2 items, grind out a third if you hit 5 coins.

Special Feature
If you win any amount of money the gamble bonus feature is on hand to double or quadruple your money. Gamble 2-1 on the color of the next card or 4-1 on the suit of the next card. You get the choice of win lines you want to flutter by selecting gamble.

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