Caesars Salad

Play values between 0.01 - 10.00 to dine with Caesar, before taking his cash. 25 win lines are packaged into the game over 5 reels plus a wild icon, a scatter symbol and free spins. First prize is 7,500 coins and the high stake amounts really make the odds feel stirring. Bonus rounds and progressive jackpots have been abandoned for this featured pokie that themes Caesars food menu.

Introducing Caesar and his wife, Pompeia Sulla, accompanied with their food menu, one that makes me smile because the thought of Caesar usually involves more of an ancient warrior scenario. No progressive jackpot and no bonus round making this game purely features based that offer increased odds of hitting a win line with spread bets over up to 25 win lines. A further option allows players to take advantage of auto play that will let the machine spin on it’s own for a while looking for featured wins.Caesars Salad Pokies Screen Cast

Icons and symbols are the key aspects of gaining a regular payout on Caesars salad. Caesar is an icon that can get into bonus features as a VIP guest imitating one of the other icons. This wild works on nearly every item match up apart from Pompeia, plus also giving x3 multipliers. Hit Multiple Caesars then punters can win free spins and additional multipliers. Pompeia Sulla is the scatter symbol, she can be matched anywhere on the reels to achieve more awards even if you failed to enable the win line.

There are up to 12 symbols that can combine for a pay out. Caesar is at the top of the pay out list 2 symbols can earn x10 multipliers, 3 is x200, 4 equals x1,500 and finally all 5 for the top prize of x7,500. Guards come second winning up to x2,000, then more characters including a Lion, Chariot, Caesar Salad, Wine, Vinegar, Grapes, Meat, Cheese, Croutons and more Roman delicacies all have winning talent.

An idea taken from the many more civilised sides scripted on Caesars image, this is a funny idea with a huge number of winning combination’s, multipliers, and odds multipliers. This game has a great reputation thanks to its designer Cryptologic, experts in this style of virtual pokie machine.

Wild Symbol
Icons on Caesars Salad virtual pokie can use the Caesar icon to complete their combination’s, effectively using Caesar as a wildcard. When included in a combination acting as an icon of that group Caesar will multiply the standard prize payout by 3 times as long as it’s within the staked win line.

Scatter Symbol
Get evens on your bet by getting hold of Pompeia Sulla, Caesars wife, twice on the reels plus if she lands on the display 3, 4, or 5 times, payouts multiply along with a session of free spins. The great thing about Pompeia Sulla is she can land anywhere, even a payout line you haven’t wagered on, you can claim your return.

Free Spins
Every windfall dropped on you during a free spin round will be paid out 3 fold. Drop Caesar’s wife on the reel three plus times to get 10 free spins.

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