Bust Da Safe

Party gaming introduces Bust Da Safe, multi stakes, virtual online pokie. This another great pokie with a bonus feature giving players a stab at the top honors. Bonkers bank bonus scatters, and wilds are all part of the over all package where you can stake between a budget 0.01 to a more risky 0.50 extravaganza.

Bank breaking features get this game into the swing of career bank robbery. Get busted by guard dogs, hit cash amounts to reward your efforts exploiting the features to get into the money unnoticed through the back door of the bank and blow up the safes using the bonus feature. No progressive jackpot leaves this virtual pokie wide open to players that prefer playing the bonus rounds. The bonus round is easy and gives you hit and miss chances to crack the safes with the loot or get chewed up by the dog guarding the banks investments.

Wining features include: Get the 3 dynamites on a win line to cash in 5 times, 4 to get 20 times and for 100 times the bet. Get the tool bag 3 times on a win line to get 20 times the pay out, 4 for 20 times and 5 for 100 times the bet amount. Next, the guard dogs are a cool ten times, four for 60 and five for 100 times your stake. Policemen also come into the came, but they win you money instead of busting you paying you off 15 times the bet four are 8o times and law of these seemingly corrupt law enforcement officer can win you up to 200 times the bet. Other icons offering multipliers include gold bars, watches all offering up to x100 the betted amount.

Many people will find the idea of getting money from the bank instead the bank taking it fun. Even though it’s no strictly legal in real life, this game is and you get rich without a conscious while enjoying the novelty.

Wild Symbol
Multipliers on wagers can be doubled, quadrupled, centuries plus x500 and x 2500 by landing any number of Bust Da Safe logos up to 5 on a spin. Betting the maximum bet can ultimately turn your stakes into 125,000 in one lone spin.

Scatter Symbol
The scatter symbol theme incorporates the characters who bust safes, the two robbers and the place they ply their trade, a bank. Spin 3 or more of these to get into any combination.

Free Spins
Nearly always filling in a starring role in bank robberies the as an icon can win you 2 to 12 free rolls. Get this symbol on reels 1 and 5 to play a few free turns.

Bonus Round
Choose one of the safes and blow it open to win a prize or be captured by guard dogs. If the maximum bet was wagered to get to the bonus round then prizes are multiplied 100 times. Get any combination of the two robbers and the bank to reach the safes.

bust da safe pokies screen capture

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