Bunko Bonanza

There couldn’t be a virtual world of pokies without a theme like this, and “Food” is the way forward for RTG’s Bunko Bonanza pokie. Progressive pokie followers are going to love this style with x2000 multiplier awards up for grabs. There are multi stake selections between 0.01 and 5.00 to be wagered on 20 win lines spanning over 5 reels.

Now you can play with your food, the theme of the Bunko Bonanza is attractive to almost everyone. The plate of donuts is the top multiplier then combinations of food continue down the multiplier win guide advertising a number of food groupings that will pay you out. To get multipliers of between 3 to 1000 times, hit 2 to 5 pictures of either the red jug or the plate of donuts. Furthermore, ground out the spinning donut to get double multipliers.Bunko Bonanza Pokies Screen Capture

Icons compile the games features with picture combination wins that can come around regularly particularly with the flexibility of using the Bell as a wildcard. Barring the Bunko Dice scatter symbol, the Bell is a handy tool for filling in for absent icons to win you a prize. The scatter symbol the Bunko Dice, partners with the free spins awards to hand out an award worth x10 of the prize, moreover you can earn increased multipliers from free spins. Free spins can be topped up to 21 and wins within the spin cycle, prizes are incrementally multiplied.

With the right tactics, bankroll management and pro longed play all increase your odds of landing a progressive jackpot through time spent playing on a machine, and time means odds. Progressive jackpots keep players motivated, but the thrill of a surprise jackpot at any time gives Bunko Bonanza a nice edge to the game.

Progressive Jackpot
The odds being hit by a bolt of lighting are luckily slim however, getting hit by a shock jackpot the odds are improved on Bunko Bonanza. The jackpot counter just keeps ticking up and then at a random point it will land straight into your lap, an exciting prospect after every spin.

Wild Symbol
Get the Bell icon when you turn a profitable spin to double the prize and a combination in a winning spin improves the prize. This symbol is also a wildcard of all the other icons excluding the Bunko dice representing the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol
The Bunko Dice can multiply your win by 10 times as well as activate free spins. To claim this feature the symbol needs to be spread 3 times across the reels from left to right. Take advantage of this addition as it has potential.

Free Spins
As with the scatter symbol rules, free spins are unlocked with 3 Bunko Dice across the face of the reels. 21 free spins lay in wait along with celebrity status during the free spins period. Prizes won in the free spin point in time two fold and can multiply up to 12 times. A dull day at the pokies can be turned around with free spin multiplier giveaways.

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