Win Palace Casino Online Gambling Review

I often think that when somebody is naming a new online casino, they put a selection of about 30 words into a hat, including ‘Slots’, ‘Win’, ‘Gold’, ‘World’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Cash’, ‘Royal’. ‘Platinum’, ‘Play’ and ‘Palace’. In this case they pulled out ‘Win’ and ‘Palace’  … and so we have an online casino offering that is a recycled clone of many others out there. It’s dark, it’s glamorous, you’ve seen it a hundred times. So, we delve a little deeper today into Win Palace to see if there anything inside the cloned shell worth depositing for!

Initial Experience at Win Palace

Darkcolours, a bit of Flash, pretty ladies holding money … no surprises on first opening the Win Palace Casino page. There was one minor annoyance though – a pop up box in the centre of the screen, nicely camouflaged, asking whether I wanted to download the casino as I browsed the site. I could easily have clicked it by mistake, and while that wouldn’t have been a big deal, it simply seems like a sneaky tactic!

This annoying box actually pops up on every page of the site, forcing you to close it to look at anything, hoping you’ll miss the ‘No’ button and accidentally press ‘Yes’. Sigh.

Promotions and Casino Bonuses

There is quite a selection of bonuses at Win Palace online casino, with a 200% first deposit match and a 300% first deposit match for online pokies play. Wagering requirements vary between 25x and 30x, at least there are no unwelcome surprises in that department! The ‘somethings’ you can get for ‘nothing’ at Win Palace online casino include:

  • Weekly bonuses during the Superbowl: There are varying amounts for different deposit amounts and different games
  • Video poker bonus and blackjack bonus: 100% on deposits up to $500, redeemable 10 times
  • High roller bonus: 200% up to $2000

Check out the promotions page at Win Palace online casino, because you’ll need to use coupon codes in order to claim your promotional bonuses. If you miss out on inputting the coupon code, check with Live Support – they may be able to retrospectively add it to your account.

Games: High Points and Low Points

Win Palace online casino has a somewhat smaller selection of games than other casinos, and the instant play games don’t have the same range or quite the same resolution and speed of play as the downloaded casino.

Withdrawal Process

Win Palace’s documentation states that withdrawals are processed within 5-10 business days, and the minimum withdrawal is $/ €100. Withdrawals are paid in instalments of up to $3000. There are occasional reports of the casino being slow to pay on the internet, though not too many – it appears 5-10 business days is enough for them!

The withdrawal terms here are clearly slower and give you less access to your own money than many other online casinos – a substantial negative, in our opinion.

Win Palace Casino: The Global Perspective

Win Palace Casino is hosted in Curacao, a Netherlands Antilles jurisdiction. Although phone support is available in several different languages and with local toll free numbers, payouts are only available in US dollars.

Win Palace Casino Online Customer Support

The support page is a little difficult to see on Win Palace’s online casino site – the website directs you towards the 24/7 Live Chat in the first instance. However, you can also access toll-free support in:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Australia

Fax support is available in the us, and direct email support is also available – you don’t need to use a web form. A great selection of contact options overall!

Is Win Palace Casino a Scam?

Win Palace Casino is quite a respected internet gambling facility, and is definitely not a scam. Although the RTG software does have its issues, and these are noted in numerous places online, Win Palace is not the only online casino to use this software.

Some players have noted issues with unclear terms and conditions, so make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s to ensure you get what you expect from Win Palace Casino … the exact same treatment you’d get anywhere else, only with slower withdrawals and more difficult terms and conditions!