Even the name of this casino, incorporating its own web address tells you that the business is truly a child of the connected generation! We are all looking for the thrill of a win from an online casino. So, when you play at ‘MyWin’, is it likely to be you, or the house that comes away on top? We review this popular online casino for experience, ease of use, games, promotions and that Charlie Sheen-esque characteristic … winningness!

Initial Experience at
Personally, my initial experience at was not great. Opening the site in Firefox, as soon as the page loaded my browser crashed. Twice! I got no error message, and given that I usually keep at least 50 tabs open at once (for efficiency!), I had no idea which page was the problem until I opened this online casino in Google Chrome. When redirecting you to the Australian version of the site, the site has a ‘redirect loop’

So, if you’re located in Australia and truly dedicated to playing at online casino, you’ll need to visit a secondary page first. Try the Promotions page, which worked for us.

Promotions and Casino Bonuses’s bonus catalogue is narrow, but very comparable to other online casinos.

  • Signup bonus: You’ll get a 100% deposit match on your first deposit, up to $444 to give you a total of $888 - the luckiest of numbers in China. The wagering requirement is an aggregate 50 times the initial bonus amount.
  • NO signup bonus: If the wagering requirement turns you off, this casino also gives you the option to play with your own cash from the beginning. This could actually give you a better chance of making a cashout!
  • Wire transfer bonus: If you make a deposit into your account via wire transfer, you’ll get an automatic 10% bonus. Some casinos prefer this method because it represents less risk of chargebacks from credit card companies.

Withdrawal Process
You must use a ‘Real Money’ account as a deposit and withdrawal vehicle. If you use the no-bonus signup option, it is much easier to cashout.

The withdrawal process becomes more complex when you open an account using your bonus cash:

  • You can only withdraw double the amount you have deposited (excluding bonuses)
  • However, if you deposit $100 you’ll be able to cash out your entire account, provided you have met the wagering requirements.

Withdrawals are usually complete within 5 business days for electronic methods. If you want your winnings in cheque form, it can take up to 21 business days to arrive. The Global Perspective is hosted in Cyprus - the outlier compared to many other online casinos that are hosted in Gibraltar (near Canada).

The site itself is available in around 13 languages, and with a far better representation of niche languages than on other casino sites. For example, if you prefer to play in Turkish, Israeli, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian, is perfect. Just make sure you don’t have any problems with the casino, as support is unfortunately only available in English.

You can make your withdrawal in a limited number of currencies - USD, Euros, Canadian dollars and British pounds.

The casino doesn’t accept players from the US. Obviously, this won’t matter to Australian players - however you can take it as a sign that the casino works hard to comply with online Online Customer Support
This is available through email, live chat or telephone and the physical address of the casino in Cyprus is listed, for your peace of mind. However, there doesn’t seem to be alternate options for support in other languages.

Is a Scam?
This online casino is perfectly legitimate! One point to note, however, is that the random number generator and payout figures have not been reviewed by eCOGRA, the main online casino industry watchdog. Instead, uses iTech, a less well-known review