Clubworld Casino Review

Though the name is less than imaginative and less than enticing, Clubworld Casino certainly has the right look when you first step through its virtual doors. However, many online casino players have found it less than exciting to win at ClubWorld Casino, with several serious administrative issues souring the wine at the main Club World Casino as well as the Club USA, Club Euro and Club UK daughter companies.

Initial Experience at Clubworld Casino

Clubworld Casino looks the part, with a stylish gunmetal grey colour scheme and some very, well, ‘flashy’ Flash! The home screen can be a little dizzying to look at, with at least 3 different lines of text or pictures moving at any one time. It is easy to see how to get to the main parts of the casino, and of course, very easy to get started with a download or online playing at this internet casino.

There is also an extensive FAQ section with full answers to just about anything that a new player would need to know.

Promotions and Casino Bonuses at Clubworld

Clubworld Casino is a little disingenuous in their welcome bonus advertising, which currently simply states “$777 welcome bonus”, but is in fact a 100% match UP TO $777. If this has changed by the time you try out this online casino, make sure you investigate every offer before getting excited – truthfulness is obviously not a strong point!  Here’s what you have available:

  • $777 Welcome bonus – Online Pokies/Keno/Scratchies: You’ll get a 100% initial deposit match of up to $777, but only for playing slots or Keno and Scratch Cards.  The wagering requirement for this bonus is currently 20x.
  • $150 Welcome bonus: If you want to play blackjack or poker you aren’t quite as welcome – the 100% bonus match only goes up to $150 currently. The wagering requirement for this bonus is currently 50x.

The welcome bonus is currently the only bonus available for Clubworld Casino play. However, there are some member-only specials once you have signed up for an account.

Games: High Points and Low Points

Clubworld Casino offers the standard full selection of online pokies, online casino table games, Keno and scratchies. Of note are some positives like:

  • Tournaments available in various games
  • Free play mode to help you evaluate the online casino before registering
  • Good speed of play
  • Low betting limits at many ‘tables’
  • Random jackpots on the online pokies


But many players have also noticed some drawbacks:

  • Game graphics which are a little dull and dated
  • And for other players, the low betting limits can also be a negative! Especially in online casino card games like Blackjack, where betting strategies often involve big bets, thiese limits can really cramp your style.

Withdrawal Process

Clubworld Casino’s own information states that withdrawals are processed the next working day, as long as the account has been verified and they have all the information required for the payment.

However, it is important to remember that the initiation of the withdrawal process, and the time it takes for the money to hit your account can be very different!

Before withdrawing, it would be worthwhile to call the customer service centre and ensure everything is in order,

Clubworld Casino: The Global Perspective

Club World Casino now accepts US players, The online casino is based in the Curacao jurisdiction, in the Netherlands Antilles. Regional support is available via toll free phone numbers in:

  • USA
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • UK

Clubworld Casino Online Customer Support

Club World Casino offers 24/7 worldwide support, as well as a more ‘official’ type of support during UK office hours. You can access support via the toll free numbers for each country above, but you’ll need to speak English no matter what country you’re in! The same is true of the online casino itself and the offline software – English speakers only.

Is Clubworld Casino a Scam?

Although Clubworld Casino is not a scam per se, it certainly has its fair share of documented problems on the net. We’ve reads complaints about changing the percentage payout of games at will, about the casino being very slow to verify new players, about poor and conflicting communications from different areas of the casino or different support staff.

For your information, some of the complaints found about Clubworld Casino online could have been solved using the following safe online gambling practices:

  • Getting to know your casino and sticking with them – this offsets the unfortunate occurrences of inexperienced customer service operators giving the wrong advice
  • Checking AND rechecking with another operator regarding verification of your documents
  • Use the telephone support where possible to avoid frustration with not getting emails, and always ask for your operator’s name and record the details.

And of course, ALWAYS being on a first name basis with your terms and conditions!

You may decide that the potential hassles at Clubworld Casino, such as those experienced by other players, make it purposeless to open an account there. This is certainly where our opinion lies – there are so many good online casinos, why risk your cash with those that have administrative problems!