Online Pokies News: December 2011

In some respects the online pokies world is very stable. The main online casinos remain, the rules stay the same, the payment processors don’t really change. However, when you look at the online pokies world on a global scale, it is actually quite big and busy! Today we check out what’s new in the online pokies world – who’s saying what, when and where it’s happening, and how it might affect your own online pokies experience!

Facebook’s Double Down Virtual Casino Sells for $500 Million

The Double Down casino has risen over ‘ years to become the 4th most popular game on Facebook. International Game Technology, a US publicly listed company, recently bought the casino for $500 million, with current profit figures of $50 million per year. And they say that you can’t do online gambling in the US!

Online Poker Expected to Land in US

With Facebook paving the way for online casino play from the US, online poker is now expected to land in some states quite soon. While there has always been interest in online gambling in the US, recently the US federal government made it clear that the Wire Act, which had always been assumed to regulate online gaming, actually only applied to sports betting online. Effectively, the US Federal government has made it clear that if some states change their laws to allow online casinos, they will not step in to change it.

Woman Wins ‘Abandoned Credit’ Fight in Adelaide to Tune of $100,000

If you play physical as well as online pokies, you’ll be interested to know that after an 18 month battle with Adelaide Casino, Cecilia Cubillo has been paid out the $100,000 that she won on a pokies machine with a $1 abandoned credit. There was some scuffling over how abandoned credit, and any wins it generates, is handled. The casino has also apologised to Mrs Cubillo for the stress and embarrassment.

Online Lottery Ticket Sales Available From mid-2012

Sa Lotteries will begin selling online lotto tickets from mid-2012 … but Senator Nick Xenophon is not happy about the prospect. His comments on the matter include “At least if you buy from a newsagent the newsagent can see the whites of your eyes and at least make some judgments … to determine whether they’re dealing with problem gambling. But there won’t be any such controls with online sales”. SA Lotteries has responded by saying that the move simply brings SA into line with other Australian states already selling Lotto tickets online. Like online casinos, it simply seems to be the way of the future.

Pokies with Headphones Banned

In an attempt to cut the maddening ding, dong and bleep of pokies rooms at pubs and clubs, headphones have been introduced in some venues. However, the Victorian Government has put an interim ban on pokies with headphones, because they feel it seeks to create a more immersive environment, perhaps making problem gamblers more prone to money losses. Playing online pokies still allows you to listen to the bleeps however you feel like.

Confusing Problem Gambling Statistics Out of NZ

A confusing set of statistics on problem gambling was recently published in NZ, with a news article claiming that up to 1 in 5 online pokies or physical pokies players was at risk of gambling addiction. In the same article however, the New Zealand Community Trust spokesperson Mike Knell said that only 2% of physical or online pokies players were problem gamblers. Unfortunately, statistical game playing doesn’t lend weight to either side’s cause.