Microgaming leads Video Pokies onslaught with Three New Titles

Wow, has it been that long already? It does seem that way when we had first reported on the last releases from Microgaming; now, it was announced on their website that they have three—yes, three—new online pokie games to satiate your pokie-playing heart.

While the two new titles—which are Magic Charms and House of Dragons—look quite serviceable as far as pokie games go, it is this one which has grabbed the most eyeballs of punters who were lucky enough to try out these new titles: the League of Fortune slots.

Catchy title, isn’t it? The marketing team who came up with this title should receive a raise, dang it! Anyways, what set League of Fortune the most from some of the usual themed pokie games which are now flooding the market is that this game just looks really, really classy—yep, as in “wow, they must have a huge budget behind it”-classy.

Obviously taking its inspiration from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the pokie game has that classic-looking art style that does not look out of place in a Penguin’s Classic children’s book: you’ve got your Captain Nemo-lookalike figure, giant squids, and even what looks like a prototype for a scuba suit (read: large and bulky—very steampunk-ish, if we may say so).

It also helps that the “fortunes” that the pokie game alludes to are the chances for bagging multiple payouts while playing it. Using the patented “1024 Ways to Win” system, all of the wild symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds which populate the game are more than just mere window dressing—they do insure you that you can get away from a single session of the game winning at least one spin.

However, it is the game’s “Gamble” system that may prove to be the meat-and-potatoes of the whole gameplay; in essence, it allows you to change and customize your odds according to your liking—definitely a favourite for the inherent risk-taker in you.

All three of these games can now be accessed through Microgaming certified sites like ours.