Wow, has it been that long already? It does seem that way when we had first reported on the last releases from Microgaming; now, it was announced on their website that they have three—yes, three—new online pokie games to satiate your pokie-playing heart. While the two new titles—which are Magic Charms and House of Dragons—look [...]

GetUp! is a lot of things—a grassroots movement, a maker of savagely funny viral videos, a punk band that masquerades as a legitimate political organisation—but what they certainly are not are paragons of sense  and order. Clearly, the left-leaning group’s inexperience was painfully laid bare for all to see when they lost their bid to [...]

Casinos, even online casinos, certainly aim to create the atmosphere of being a world unto themselves … a parallel universe where everything is possible and all that money could be yours! However, both physical and online casinos exist in the real world, and legislative changes and social movements both affect what happens in the glitzy, [...]

Both physical and online pokies are often maligned by politicians looking for votes, by family members who have ‘lost’ a loved one to an addiction, and sometimes by scientists. Recently, they have been called the ‘crack cocaine’ of casino games – presumably a game that is both more instantly addictive and more destructive than all [...]

In some respects the online pokies world is very stable. The main online casinos remain, the rules stay the same, the payment processors don't really change. However, when you look at the online pokies world on a global scale, it is actually quite big and busy! Today we check out what's new in the online [...]

Last night an unsuspecting pokie player got the shock of their life when they hit the jackpot on micro gaming's Mega Moola, a jackpot often played under from the casinos we recommend. The player cashed in a total of 5.5 million US dollars which is about the same in Australian dollars right now, breaking the [...]

There has been so much talk about pokies recently and I have been trying so hard not to get involved and add my two cents however I have come to a point where I can contain myself no long, plus I think that with everything that is out there it maybe useful for a summary [...]

Ever wonder which Australian city could one day become the Australian equivalent of Las Vegas? Well you can out your mind at ease because in some recent decisions made by leaders of the Australian tourism industry cairns has been chosen to become the countries centre of poker machines. More detailed information in the below article [...]

The Victorian Government has raised almost $1 billion from the auction of poker machine licences. Gaming Minister Tony Robinson said $981 million had been raised during the bidding process for Victoria's 27,500 poker machines. The much needed fund raised from this sale will now to funnelled into areas such as the health care system and [...]

It was recently discovered that many of Australia largest poker machine companies have been doing some unusual business in an attempt to reduce the tax payable on their income. It is things like this that remind me of how online pokie sites are able to provide players so much higher payout rates. The costs for [...]