Who manufactures pokie machines in Australia?

When compared to the American slot machine industry, the Australian industry for pokie machines is relatively small. There are a large number of companies making pokie machines, but in terms of major industry players, there are only three. These are Aristocrat, IGT and Konami. Of these three, Aristocrat is the most prominent although International Game Technology and Konami are quite well represented in casinos and pubs around the nation. There were other prominent brands in the 1990s, such as Universal and Jubilee, but these have now largely disappeared.

See below for some information on these prominent brands in the Australian poker machine industry.

Website: www.aristocrat.com.au

Aristocrat has largely its very good timing to thank for its success and prominence in the industry today. It was founded in 1953, just three short years before pokies were legalised in New South Wales. The Clubman was the first machine to come off production lines, and the Clubmaster followed a few years later. In 1984, the first f what can be termed “modern day pokie machine” was released by Aristocrat, changing the image of gambling in Australia and cementing Aristocrat’s position as the leader in the Australian industry.

International Game Technology (IGT)
Website: www.igt.com.au

International Game Technology has a long history as a private company and was operating as early as the 195os. However it didn’t become a significant player in the Australian gambling industry until it went public in 1981 and made a move into the slot machine business. They are the major player in the American slot machine industry, being the number one manufacturer of slot machines in the USA. They are making inroads into the Australian market and have a number of successful and popular games, the best known probably being Cleopatra.

Website: www.gaming.konami.com

Konami’s main market is the video and arcade game arena, and it is in this area that they are most well known and respected. Nevertheless, they do make pokie machines, and while you might not be aware of too many of them, they are all of very high quality and many gamers prefer them. They have been manufacturing pokie machines for the Australian industry since 1996. Some of their more well known and popular games are Incan Pyramid and Money in the Bank.

As stated above, although there are only three major manufacturers of pokie machines in Australia, there are other smaller companies that are worth checking out – keep and eye on these names in the future:

Aruze Gaming
Website: www.aruzegaming.com

Aruze Gaming is a Japanese company that was established in 1969. Aruze Gaming now manufacture pokies for the Australian, United States of American and South African markets.

Ainsworth Game Technology
Website: www.ainsworth.com.au

Len Ainsworth left Aristocrat in 1995 and founded Ainsworth Game Technology. Two of the more popular games of Ainsworth Game Technology are Aztec Fortune and Inca Reef. Watch this growing company, it shws a ot f promise.

WMS Gaming
Website: www.wms.com

Williams Gaming is one of the largest brands currently manufacturing games for the United States market and it is starting to release games to the Australian market. one favourite is King Midas, but keep your eyes peeled for more.