What is the legal age to play pokies?

The legal age to play pokies varies according to which country, and often which state, you are in. Generally speaking, it is the same as the legal age to participate in any form of gambling, although some countries do have different legal ages for casino gambling, sports betting, lottery ticket purchase etc. This is generally the standard “age of majority”. In Australia, the age of majority is eighteen, and this is also the legal gambling age. Although every country is different (and in some countries gambling is illegal regardless of age) and we cannot give an exhaustive list here, following are the legal gambling ages for a number of countries/states to give you an idea of the situation internationally:

  • New Zealand: 20
  • United Kingdom: 18
  • France: 18
  • Germany: 18
  • The Netherlands: 16
  • Ireland: 18

United States of America

America is a federal government system, and many matters, involving gambling age, is the power of the states to regulate, meaning different rules apply depending on which state you are in. It is also worth noting that many states in USA have casinos run by Native Americans on their traditional lands. These tribes are generally permitted to set their own legal gambling age without reference to state legislation.

State Minimum age
Alaska 18
Arizona 21
California 21
Colorado 21
Connecticut 21
Delaware 21
District of Columbia 18
Illinois 21
Indiana 21
Iowa 21
Louisiana 21
Maine 16
Maryland 21
Michigan 21
Minnesota 18
Mississippi 21
Missouri 21
Montana 18
Nevada 21
New Jersey 21
New Mexico 21
New York 18
North Dakota 21
Oregon 21
Pennsylvania 18
Puerto Rico 18
Rhode Island 18
South Carolina 21
South Dakota 21
Virgin Islands 21
Washington 18
West Virginia 21
Wisconsin 21

Gambling is illegal if you are under the age of consent, both for you and for the venue that admits you. Heavy penalties apply.