What is a “bet limit”?

The account that you set up with the online casino of your choice will normally have what’s called a “bet limit”. This function means that you as a player can nominate the total amount of money you want to spend on wagers over a thirty day period, and the account will limit spending accordingly. If you do not select a personal bet limit, a default bet limit will be established for you. This is usually around $10,000. Note that a bet limit of $10,000 does not mean you cannot spend more than $10,000 in the thirty day period. It means that you will not be allowed to lose more than $10,000 of your own deposits. For example, if your bet limit was set at $5,000 and you played $7,000 and lost $5,000, then the system would not allow you to bet further as you had already reached your limit of losses from your deposits. You would need to wait until the bet limit period of thirty days had expired before placing further bets. Also note that funds that you win and bet again to not contribute to the bet limit as they do not constitute your initial deposits. You may play those winnings without influencing your bet limit.

You may decrease your bet limit at any time. If you wish to increase your bet limit however, you will need to email the site administrator stating the amount you wish to increase the limit by. Most sites have a mandatory “cooling off” period, usually of seven days, before the increase comes into effect. While this system may seem frustrating or unnecessary if you’re a responsible gamer, these checks help prevent problem gambling, which can become a problem for some people. Read our responsible gambling section of the Frequently Asked Questions if you want more information on how to play online pokies sensibly and responsibly. Remember that the point is to have fun and make some money and that if gambling is a problem for you, you’re probably not doing either of these things.