What Are Pokie competitions?

It is surprising how little people are aware of pokie machine competitions, what they are and where they occur. Especially considering how much fun they are and how popular these sorts of competitions are in other types of gambling.

So what are pokie competitions?

Basically these are jackpot events just like you would see on TV for poker tournaments and the like. People enter the event by paying an initial upfront fee and which is them placed into a kitty. Usually there would be hundreds of players and the initial fee varies greatly depending on the tournament. This kitty is split into three large amount and given the three finalists who prove to be the best at playing pokies. Because there initial number of players is so high and the amount everyone puts into the pot is so large, three people can literally walk away with millions of dollars after one of these events.pokies tournaments
The events can sometime end very abruptly however on many occasions the games will go on for many hours or even days, regardless the players continue to play pokies until three people come out the winners.

Where do these events occur?

The number of these evens worldwide both online and off are huge, hence why I mentioned that I am surprised why so little people seem to know about them.
Though I have personally only attended one offline event, they still do occur, though they are becoming less and less popular off line now days, online is a whole different bag of fish, they are happening multiple times every month online.

Do the casinos that we recommend on this site have these events?

Indeed they do, in fact they have many. Spin palace one of our most highly regarded casinos holds one of the largest event of its kind, commonly with a jackpot in excess of 2 million dollars. For more information about when and where these events are being held please see this page: Pokie tournament

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