How do I fulfill the bonus requirements?

All online casinos aim to attract and keep customers by offering free bonus monies. They don’t just give the money away; there are strings attached. You are usually required to play through or wager the money from 8 to 40 times before you are allowed to cash out. Casino management hopes you’ll lose it all long before you’ve fulfilled that stipulation and you hope you’ll hit a winning combination big enough to outlast the play-through conditions.

For example: a typical bonus offer might be a 100% match with a minimum wagering requirement of 20x (bonus value + deposit value). If you deposit $50 into your account you will receive an additional $50 bonus giving you $100 to wager with. You will need to play through 20 x $100 ($50 deposit + $50 bonus) = $2,000 before you can withdraw anything from the casino. The big challenge is knowing when you have met those terms (wagered a total of $2000), so that you will be able to cash out the remaining money, if any.

It’s a bit of work, but no one is going to rush you, the computer is patient. While playing, keep a piece of paper and pen next to your keyboard; for four bets put a little vertical line on the paper and then cross the four lines with a horizontal line for the fifth wager. If for each spin your bet amount is $3, every 5-line block represents $15. 10 blocks is $150, 100 blocks is $1500 and so on. It’s a bit tedious but worth the effort.

You could speed things up if you were to bet the maximum ($45) on a 9-line video slot, but you’d run the risk of being almost bankrupt should the first few spins turn out to be duds. A safer way to go might be to bet all lines at 10 cents each. That way the total bet is $4.50 per spin. You have a better chance of avoiding early bankruptcy; each 5-line block is worth $22.50 and you’d have fulfilled the bonus requirement with only 89 blocks on your sheet of paper.