How do I download and play the games?

Getting started with online pokies is simple and easy and requires just a few moments of your time to download the necessary software. Before you download the software, we recommend that you have a read through of the other questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section to give you a good idea of which games are good to play, how to go about getting bigger payouts and ways to gamble responsibly. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to download and play! The sites listed on Online Pokies Australia site generally have the same requirements (minor differences will exist but these can be discovered easily on the sites of the games themselves). You will need a PC with the following specifications or greater:

Windows:    Intel Pentium Processor (we recommend Pentium II or higher)                                                                  64mb RAM
Mac:        Power Macintosh PC Processor (we recommend G3 or higher)                                                               64mb RAM

You will need Adobe Flash 8 or higher.

In terms of internet browsers, you will need to be running Firefox version 3.6 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, the most recent version of AOL or Google Chrome. You will probably find it easier working with Internet Explorer and may receive error messages from time to time if working with a different browser, but if you’re comfortable with one particular browser and have a clear preference, then just go ahead and continue using that one – any problems you experience will be minor and probably won’t even occur. If you do have problems, please report them to our technical staff who will endeavour to assist you and to resolve the problem.

Once you’ve got all of the above sorted out, you’re ready to download. Just click on the link on our site to the Australian gaming site you want to use. They will have a “Download” link for the software you need to play their games. Just click on the link and follow the prompts. You may need to restart your computer after downloading before you can play. Easy!