Depositing Funds into Your Account

Gaming sites supported and recommended by Online Pokies Australia use the following methods for depositing funds into your account. Note that while the sites mostly use the same options and the same procedures there are some variations, so check the site that you prefer for their exact accepted methods:

Below you will find descriptions and instructions for each payment method. To pay using of the third party payment methods below, simply click the “Banking” link on the online gaming website, select your chosen method and follow the prompts.


In order to deposit funds to your Cash account, please follow the directions below.

  1. Sign in to your account with your chosen online gaming site as normal.
  2. Click on the CASHIER link from the top menu of the games window.
  3. When the Cashier menu appears, choose the ACCOUNT DEPOSIT link.
  4. When the DEPOSIT page appears, choose the CREDIT CARD DEPOSIT link.
  5. The DEPOSIT VIA CREDIT CARD page will appear. Enter all your credit card details and the amount that you wish to deposit.
  6. Upon completion of your credit card details and deposit amount, please click on the SUBMIT button.

Many sites use a verification process before linking the credit card details you supply with the online account you have set up. The most standard means of doing this verification is by depositing a small amount into the account linked to the credit card the details for which you have supplied. So that the gaming site may verify that you are indeed the card owner, they will ask you to quote the exact amount that appears on your bank statement to the representatives at the gaming site – usually just the Customer Support section. After you have done this, your account and credit card link will be operational and you will be able to play.


Most sites accept Maestro, Visa Devit, Visa Electron and Solo debit cards. If you feel uncomfortable giving your debit card details out over the internet, the gaming sites allow you to submit by fax or by telephone. Click on the “Banking Link” and follow the prompts as above and enter your debit card details. Approved transactions will be debited directly from your account so that you can continue to play uninterrupted.


Direct debit is easy and secure. Along with credit cards transactions, it’s probably the method you’re most familiar with. You simply set up an account with your online gaming site – follow the “Banking” link and then click on “Direct Debit” or “Direct Bank Transfer”. You will be provided with the details necessary to make the transfer using your online banking. While there are many advantages to the above third party methods, many people still find it simplest and easiest to pay for their online gaming the way they pay their phone bills and electricity bills. Direct debit is a great, simple way to pay online without the bother of setting up different accounts.


Ukash is the new way to spend money on the Internet - without using a credit or debit card. You can buy Ukash at 3,600 epay retailers, including petrol stations and convenience stores across Australia. Ukash vouchers are available in amounts of AUD $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and $500. Each voucher has a unique code that is simple for users to provide when making a payment. The big bonus of paying with Ukash is the anonymity. You can spend Ukash online without providing any of your financial details, and so you can shop online, or play pokies online, without worrying about the risk of online identity theft or having your bank account hacked.
In addition to purchasing Ukash vouchers from epay outlets, you can also use the Ukash Online Solution. The Ukash Online Solution allows customers to purchase Ukash online directly from their bank account (supported by all major banks). This is a secure online transaction which provides comprehensive authentication and verification technology to online consumers.


Making purchases using your Click2Pay account is simple. When you sign up for an account you’ll receive a Personal Account Number. The combination of your e-mail address and your Personal Account Number will be required when making purchases at online casinos or other merchants.
All of your transactions are logged. You can view your transactions by logging into your Click2Pay account on the and going to the Transactions tab. You’ll find a listing here of your most recent transactions as well as your purchases.
In order to pay at an online casino using the Click2Pay banking option you’ll need your Click2Pay user name which will be the e-mail address you registered with and your Click2Pay Personal Account Number. If you have forgotten your Personal Account Number you can retrieve this information very easily by selecting the Account tab and clicking on the Security Setting link on the right hand site of the Click2Pay website.


When you register with ClickandBuy, you specify your preferred means of payment. This might be your bank account or a credit card etc. To prevent any unnecessary inconvenience, ClickandBuy always reviews your preferred means of payment in conjunction with your bank. They recommend that you verify your chosen means of payment so that they can offer you the best service possible. For example, with a verified bank account you get a wider range of purchasing options than with a payment method not verified by ClickandBuy. Check the ClickandBuy website for more information on this.
If you want to create more than one means of payment, don’t forget to choose one as your default so that ClickandBuy can automatically preselect it for you during the payment process. Otherwise your payment may not be completed correctly.
You don’t even necessarily have to deposit money in your ClickandBuy account. To help you shop online conveniently, Click and Buy also supports standing orders or can charge your credit card directly.


NETELLER is the number one international payment processor for online casinos. According to their head office, about 95% of international gambling online offers this method.

To open a NETELLER account, they need to be able to verify your identity. They follow strict guidelines to protect your account, but once you’ve gone through the initial hassle you can rest assured that your information and money are safe. After you connect your bank account to NETELLER you will be able to transfer money back and forth between them. NETELLER also offers instacash which means you can instantly transfer money from your bank account to NETELLER. Even better, many online casinos offer instacash with their software. If you download it like this, you can avoid the 8.9% fee that NETELLER charges for the instacash service and convenience. The funds will generally come out of your account on the following business day.

When you win at a casino, the money is placed in your NETELLER account, and you may either use it for deposit again into another casino, or transfer it back to your bank account. Generally speaking, transfers will take 24-48 hours excluding weekends to go back to your bank. The quickest way to get paid online is through NETELLER because it’s most convenient for casinos, sports books, poker rooms and bingo halls. They only need to verify your identity once and can pay you immediately, which is preferable to some people than waiting days or even more than a week in some cases for payments by cheque or ACH. If you find that you really like NETELLER, they even offer a NETELLER debit card which can be used at merchants or at your local automatic teller machine (ATM). NETELLER charges a small fee for this service, which is worth it for those who find they really like the NETELLER system and who are pushed for time.


Paysafecard works in largely the same way as Ukash does. You can purchase Paysafecard Vouchers in epay retailers in denominations of AUD $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and $500. Each voucher has a 16 digit code that the user enters when making a payment. As with Ukash, the bonus is anomimity. You can make purchases online safely ad securely without wondering whether someone is peeking over your shoulder and gaining access to your information, and your money.
In 2008 epay processed over 700 million payment transactions with a total face value of $11 billion. Epay’s product portfolio includes top-up or recharge services for prepaid mobile airtime, prepaid debit cards and e-wallets; payment services for bills, road tolls and money transfer; and marketing and distribution services for gift cards, digital content and transport tickets. In March 2009, paysafecard was named the ‘Best Prepaid Company’ outside the United States of America by the global prepaid industry publication Paybefore.


UseMyBank is an online direct debit payment system. UseMyBank Services is secure, convenient and easy to use! It works with your existing online banking service, and there is nothing to download or install on your computer:

  • Shop for goods and services at an online merchant.
  • Select UseMyBank Services when you are ready to pay.
  • Select the Financial Institution from which you want to pay
  • Login to online banking with your usual user ID and password
  • Approve the payment to complete your purchase
  • Click “return to merchant”
  • And you’re done – it’s as easy as that!

UseMyBank allows payments in real time, and is available to more than 1.6 billion online banking customers around the world. Their anti-fraud technology ensures the safety of your information and money at all times and in all transactions.
Click here for a complete list of countries and banks that currently support UseMyBank .


EcoCard is an online eWallet service that allows players to store money in an online account, then move it to and from their online casino accounts. Similarly to NETELLER, EcoCard allows to you request an EcoCard debit card, which can then be used to purchase items wherever MasterCard is accepted. This is a feature that eWallets like Moneybookers and Click2Pay do not offer, and that some people find very useful. Unlike NETELLER, EcoCard’s plastic debit cards are eco friendly!

The EcoCard has also just launched the ‘EcoCard Money Manager’ iPhone app. The EcoCard Money Manager app gives EcoCard users mobile access to the EcoCard payment platform, enabling customers to deposit funds, make purchases, apply and fund a Virtual Prepaid MasterCard®, and make withdrawals whilst one the move using their iPhone or iTouch. The app supports 23 currencies and allows account holders to check their real time balance and transactions and view their currency accounts in one place. Very convenient!


An EntroPay Account is a prepaid account. The account gives you an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card which you can use to deposit money for online gaming, or n fact make online purchases wherever Visa is accepted. You can load funds (deposit money) onto an EntroPay Virtual Card using your regular credit or debit card.
An EntroPay Virtual Visa Card is a prepaid Virtual Visa Card that is available to anyone worldwide. The EntroPay Virtual Visa Card works just like a normal Visa card when you make online purchases. However, it is not tied to a bank account. Instead you manage it by logging on to EntroPay and using the online card management system. An EntroPay Virtual Card may be used online wherever Visa is accepted. There are no finance or interest charges associated with an EntroPay Virtual Card and because the card is prepaid, spending is limited to the amount of funds loaded onto the card.
EntroPay has a fast registration process that allows you to skip a lengthy application process and get your Virtual Visa card in just a few clicks. This feature securely transfers the information that you have already entered at the online gaming website to the EtroPay website, eliminating the need for you to input your details all over again. Opening an EntroPay account and getting a Virtual Visa card can be achieved in just three quick and easy steps:

  1. Provide your personal information. This includes your name, date of birth and identification.
  2. Enter the details of the credit or debit card you would like to use to transfer money your EntroPay account.
  3. Decide how much to deposit to your Virtual Visa card and make the deposit.

It’s that easy! EntroPay automatically populates all the other information and you just have to check it for accuracy. Once your information and account is confirmed by EntroPay, your Virual Visa card is issued and you’re ready to spend.


EZIpay is also known by the name “Payspark”. EZIpay or Payspark is an intERnet payment solution designed specifically for online gaming. It started in 2002 when credit card companies started rejecting transactions made on online gaming sites. It makes it easy to make fast and secure transactions online, specifically depositing and taking winnings in cash. EXIpay is not an e-wallet. It’s a real account in a real bank with two sub accounts – one for inteRnet usage such as online gaming, and one for regular ATM withdrawals. So long as your account is active and it has sufficient funds, and the transaction doesn’t trigger security warnings, your transaction won’t be rejected like it might be with a credit card.
You do need to be aware that if you haven’t used your account for 90 days, then you will be charged a monthly administration fee of $10 (US Dollars). Also, if your account is inactive for 90 days and has zero balance, then that account will be closed.
A PaySpark EZIPay account is very easy to set up, and it is free to sign up. Once you have entered your relevant details, and the account has been approved, the PaySpark EZIPay system is ready for use. Aside from the above mentioned administration fee, EZIpay does not charge any fees, and except for the cost of transferring money to the account, there are no charges.

Once it is established the online gaming site you have chosen accepts EZIPay, it is very simple to make purchases or withdrawals using the PaySpark EZIPay system. Once you are logged on to your gaming site of choice and you wish to deposit funds, simply click on the EZIPay button on the website. This will lead you to a log on page where you enter your EZIpay user details and select your account. These steps are followed in order to log on to your EZIpay account. After you log on, enter the amount to be withdrawn from the EZIPay account and click on ‘Finish’ to complete the transaction. Transactions are not immediate, and it takes some time before the amounts reflect in your EZIpay account. All transactions can be viewed at any time using the website.


Moneybookers is a tool that allows you to safely send and receive money via email - instantly. With this service you can send money from your credit/debit card, transfer money to and from your bank account. Use Moneybookers to send money to someone, in this case your chosen online gaming site, or when someone needs to send money to you. You create an account (click here to go to the site and open a Moneybookers account), and then transfer money. Then you’re ready to make quick and easy payments by email.
Here’s how to deposit funds into your Moneybookers account:

  1. Register an account by clicking on the link above.
  2. You must fund your account. The most common way to fund your account is via bank transfer: Go to: ‘Upload Funds’. Select “bank transfer” as a payment method . You will be provided with bank details and your customer ID which is the reference for your transfer. Now, you have to instruct your bank to process the transaction. Make sure to enter the transaction ID OR your login email in the reference field. Check the Moneybookers website here for more options if you do not wish to fund your account via bank transfer.
  3. As soon as the funds are credited to your account, you can go ahead and send payments to anyone with an email address by simply following the links on your online gaming site, or clicking the “Send Money” tab on the Moneybookers site.