7 Burning Questions About Online Casinos Answered

At Online Pokies Australia, we get a lot of questions through … and some of those questions are repeated over and over again! Every person new to playing in online casinos runs up against the same difficulties and the same confusions. Today we look at seven of the most common questions about online pokies in Australia - and their answers.

Will the Online Casino Just Take My Money and Never Pay Me Out?

They will definitely not! not if you play on the casinos we recommend. However, you need to do your homework on each and every site you decide to give your credit card details or hard earned cash to. Check out our article “10 Tips for Online Casinos: Which Are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?”, a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your online casino deals with you fairly.

Are the Games Rigged?

Again, if you visit a rogue illegal online casino, this is a possibility. Make sure you’re playing at a legitimate online casino by following the tips in our safety article!

Can I Count the Blackjack Cards with an Online Casino?

Since the dealer isn’t exactly there to see you tallying up which cards have been dealt, you have every opportunity to count cards when playing online. However, most online casinos will shuffle the deck at the beginning of every new round - with a computerised game this takes no time. So card counting is a little pointless!

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

It is not legal for companies to provide gambling services to customer physically present in Australia, however it is NOT an offence for us to play online pokies or casino games on the internet.

In practice, the prohibition against providing interactive gambling services would be difficult to enforce. Imagine if Indonesia decided it was illegal for its citizens to access Facebook, and that Facebook would be responsible if it issued an account to an Indonesian citizen. Both legally and morally, the prohibition is questionable.

Can I Gamble at Online Casinos When I’m Almost 18?

No. You’ll need to provide a photocopy of your valid driver’s license and supporting identification to most reputable online casinos to gamble there, so you’ll need to be 18 from the start.

Why Do Casinos Have ‘Wagering Requirements’ Before I Can Get My Money Back Out?

Wagering requirements usually only apply to stop people creating multiple fraud accounts, collecting signup bonuses and cashing them out without playing. If you don’t want to be subject to wagering requirements, many casinos will allow you not to take their signup bonus.

Do Online Pokies Work the Same as in Real Life?

Online pokies have a higher payout percentage (usually around 93% to 98%), because they have far lower overheads. Physical casinos have a payout percentage around 87%, because the venue needs to cover rent, wages, electricity, the physical cost of the machines, maintenance, etc.