Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every online casino you visit has a payout percentage over 90%. This sounds pretty good compared to the mandated 75% in some physical casinos! But have you ever wondered where that 90% has gone? Certainly, not everybody who logs into their online pokies account to play with $100 walks out with $90. So what’s [...]

At Online Pokies Australia, we get a lot of questions through ... and some of those questions are repeated over and over again! Every person new to playing in online casinos runs up against the same difficulties and the same confusions. Today we look at seven of the most common questions about online pokies in [...]

Pokies are among the most popular games in a casino. No game is as attractive to casino patrons as the pokies, which offer a tantalizing prize. For a small amount of money, players can have the chance to win a large sum in a single bet. Now, with modern technology, the games are even more [...]

While some people may prefer jumping into the casino or club experience in person, it is still a good idea to play online pokies from home. This way, anyone can get in on the action without having to pay expensive casino entry fees, and of course, what’s better than playing casino favorites from the comfort [...]

A question that is often asked, and one you may have wondered about yourself, is whether there is a difference between what is known as “gambling” and what is known as “investing”, and what that difference may be if it exists. Some people believe there is no difference at all in practical terms – just [...]

It is surprising how little people are aware of pokie machine competitions, what they are and where they occur. Especially considering how much fun they are and how popular these sorts of competitions are in other types of gambling. Basically these are jackpot events just like you would see on TV for poker tournaments and [...]

If your internet connection was of good quality and wasn’t dropping out, and you actually received a website-based message instead of accessing our website (you were directed to another site, and didn’t just receive a “File not found” message or something similar from your browser), then it is likely that you were in a country [...]

What a great question, first we are glad that you have decided to make the move to playing pokies online. Believe me when I say that you will not regret it, there are just so many advantages to playing online, we know you are going to be discovering them all for yourself soon. Getting started [...]

Internet censorship is an increasingly concerning issue for many people in many countries. Australia’s online censorship policy has been under scrutiny over the past few years, and was even a campaign topic in the most recent election. Although Australia’s government does in fact censor a number of sites, this censorship is guided, or at least [...]

Hedge bets generally don’t apply to the pokies (although some more sophisticated and complex online pokies do include an approximation of hedge bets), but as variety is the spice of life, you may want to venture out a little for a change of online gaming scenery and play something different. Hedge bets can come up [...]